Weekend minipost: Bye Farragut

I’m very satisfied with the World of Warships American destroyers, but the T6 ship Farragut completed its research for the T7, so I sell it to reclaim the money, the upgrades and of course the captain (I’ll only keep T7-10). The last game is always a bit special. Though usually not this special:

Author: Gevlon

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3 thoughts on “Weekend minipost: Bye Farragut”

  1. Farragut is a good ship. It did very well in the T6 ranked season.
    You will be disappointed by Mahan. It lacks in concealment, very badly, and plays in a very competitive T7 tier. I suggest relying a lot on your smokes and being very careful in the early game. You are outspotted by basically every other DD. T8 ships can mount concealment upgrade for 10% reduction, T7s can’t and usually play against them. This is the tier-based p2w scheme employed in WoWs, usually non-oppressive but for a few ships, it really hurts. Mahan is one of them.
    The next one in line, Benson, is very strong, though.


  2. @Stawek: if I want concealment, I play my Akatsuki. I didn’t even get the concealment captain skill for the Mahan. I got the radio location and find sneaking DDs.


  3. Do you currently have any project with WoWs, or do you “just” play to have fun? You seem to be less than happy with the carrier gameplay.


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