40 thoughts on “Don’t play Overwatch”

  1. I just find it hilarious that THIS is the thing you got banned from a game for. This is probably the “nicest” project you’ve ever done, simply suggesting that people play a video game the way they want to.
    I get that the ban was automated, but still!


  2. Sad to see you give it up so fast, and before you really gained to a rank that matters. I’m not sure an automated suspension really proves the game is rigged though. I suspect your time chatting with M&S trying to argue the legitimacy of your copy/paste is what got you suspended, rather than the system attempting to punish you for not opening your loot boxes.


  3. @Trees: I did not “give up”, I’m forcibly removed from the game. How am I supposed to play without an account?

    “Arguing” is called “abusive language” or “harassment” and I’m not suspended for those. Also, my only counter-argument was another copy-paste “I got to the same rating as you, you are no better than anyone here, stop giving orders!”


  4. The salient point that Trees is hitting on is – i doubt this particular “do not play” page is going to have any impact at all. Purely because of lack of effort on your part in terms of being accepted as a valid participant of the discussion around the game.
    However, this time around, it is actually a shame because, unlike your two previous attempts, this time you actually hit upon a legitimate issue that a lot of people could agree with you on.


  5. playing anotherBlizzard game after the decline of WoW was the first bad decision.
    Using intelligence and common sense was the next mistake.
    I firmly believe that you should twitch stream your matches, although that might no longer be an option.
    There are people out there that would enjoy rather a decent playing streamer than a cleavage showing fake yodeling hoe….


  6. @Maxim: there is no need for deeper understanding or discussion of a game that DOESN’T LET YOU PLAY. It doesn’t have some complicated catch that comes out only if you reach the higher echelons of the game. It doesn’t have a hidden rigging that needs to be understood.

    You simply can’t log in to play.

    @Smite: this isn’t something exists in WoW. While WoW is often horrible, I’ve never heard of anyone being banned, just because ArthasDKlől was unhappy.


  7. I’m not sure an automated suspension really proves the game is rigged though.

    what would this feature do in EVE? nothing good. guess what it does for blizzard? nothing good either.

    automated suspension via mob-rule is something very stupid. and why bother investing time in it with such griever functionality?


  8. Who/What is Blizzard actually trying to protect here with these types of bans? The community? The sanctity of the game? The tender hearts of all the “snowflakes” who have never been weened from the nipple of safe-spaces?

    If this is the direction that gaming is heading, then count me out. Blizzard, and many other companies seem to forget one thing: There are loads of other hobbies and past-times to spend my money on. They would do good to remember that.


  9. Is it really a permaban? I would have thought that automated bans would at least be for only a few days for a first offense?


  10. @Gevlon

    Blizzard has already went on record, officially, as saying that they do not ban for “one-tricking”. They have also went on record, via Kaplan in a dev update, that they are using social media to ban people for toxic behavior if such behavior is found in uploaded videos. How do you think they are able to do this? Are Blizzard and Google in bed together sharing IP addresses, or are they relying on people to report such behavior the same as they do in game? I think it’s the latter, and as I stated in another topic recently, implementing “social reporting” itself is turning out to be more toxic than the offenses people are supposedly being banned for.


  11. @Gevlon
    Not sure why you are trying to defend your point to me. I’m not contesting it. If i were contesting it, i’d point out flaws in your arguments. This time around, i don’t really see much in way of flaws.
    The question is – what impact is this going to have? This could potentially be huge (because i don’t see any flaws), but the reason it won’t get huge is because you are now going to just abandon this, instead of properly pushing it towards those people that might give it a proper signal boost.


  12. Who/What is Blizzard actually trying to protect here with these types of bans? The community? The sanctity of the game? The tender hearts of all the “snowflakes” who have never been weened from the nipple of safe-spaces?

    pretty much this. that is what you get for unchallenged socialist communist doctrine. the devil is in the details. And enough implementation on statelevel was done (Russia, China, Venezuelan) to see that even with good intentions most of this stuff will end just in horrible results.
    To illustrate the endgame .. I guess this short story capturers it on point. Written by Kurt Connegut Jr “Harrison Bergeron”
    if you have skill it will be handicapped so no one can be offended by your skill

    If this is the direction that gaming is heading, then count me out. Blizzard, and many other companies seem to forget one thing: There are loads of other hobbies and past-times to spend my money on. They would do good to remember that.

    Well other hobbies are filled with snowflakes too. I stopped several just so I don’t have to encounter stupid idiots. So maybe try birdwatching or hunting or anything else not involving other people. Don’t try activist hotspots either.
    Big businesses always tries to “camelon their way into more customers with a big smile”. see what happened with the starbucks BS recently.
    Sargon of Akkad – “Yes, Starbucks is Racist”

    All the same stupidity with a downwards spiral.


  13. @Ulrik: it’s a 2-days ban, but as it wasn’t overturned, I have no reason to believe that I won’t be permabanned soon.

    @NoGuff: Blizzard is lawyer-lying (not a lie front of court, just front of reasonable men): they don’t ban you for one-tricking, they ban you because of “disruptive gameplay” which is anything that teammates find disruptive. And go figure, teammates find one-tricking disruptive.

    @Maxim: what do you want me to do? Sue Blizzard? My post reaches those who read it. I can’t make it reach people who don’t read it.


  14. Post it on reddit/OverwatchUniversity or CompetitiveOverwatch maybe? Something like “I was auto-banned because I suggested that everyone play their favorite hero instead of forcing 222”? Can’t guarantee a positive response though…


  15. Well this page needs more visibility.

    You are not the only one. The “Top 500 Symmetra”, Torbs main on attack, and Blizzard being vague so they can enforce anything. Plus, the auto system that mass reports gets you banned, without any human intervention – it’s known and people knowingly abuse it.

    It should be either posted on Reddit, or on the Blizzard forums.

    There are many issues here, the 222 meme not working as you say, Blizzard banning people because “the team” asks you to switch, or you for actively playing “off meta” and inciting other people to do so.

    They don’t offer locked roles, yet they expect strangers to cooperate? Why? It’s a shooter, you should be able to play whatever class you want, not what others tell you to!

    TF2 never had so much drama afaik, and hats sold like hotcakes.


  16. @Rubicon: done, but the problem is simpler than that. It doesn’t matter what lead to the suspension. Suspending anyone without investigation and for simply playing the game without breaking any rules is a “don’t play” on its own.


  17. @Gevlon
    Google “blizzard lootbox controversy” and see which personalities and info outlets are on the “blizzard is at fault” side. These are the people who might be interested in sharing your story with their audience, as a form of substantiation of their stance against Blizzard’s use of lootboxes.
    You see, what makes your story interesting is the fact that so far Blizzard has managed to avoid the whole anti-lootbox perfect storm that EA got caught in with Battlefront 2. The reason they did – noone was able to really tie their use of lootboxes to any in-game detriment. You are doing just that: providing hard evidence on how even cosmetic lootboxes adversely affect game design and player experience.
    I’m telling you, there are people out there ready and willing to gobble that story up and ask for seconds. You need but to reach out.


  18. Blizzard’s tact on this is pretty interesting. (And I don’t mean “tact” in the common sense, as in not offending, I’m using it in a dark and Machiavellian way.)

    They have set up a situation where a crowd can essentially force a player to maintain a “meta” without specifically saying that that is so, All they have to do is define the meta (Characters inter operate and should be switched in synergistically or as counters.) Then step back and watch the temp bans fly.

    They’ve done their homework here! The system is completely opaque. You have no idea who, or if any, people actually reported you. And you can’t “prove” you did nothing wrong. At the same time, there are certainly many people who are actual abusive asses who are legitimately banned after leaving toxic paper trails that go to boards and cry their innocence, only to be shouted down as liars when they are exposed.

    As such, people “wrongly banned” for nothing more than failing to be cowed into switching will come off as “chicken littles” if they bring it to the boards without “proof” (Which they can have none of.)

    And this is just the visible tip of what can only be assumed to be a much larger iceberg! This mechanic can be used to weed out any number of undesirables (read: people that don’t buy enough skins.)

    You COULD run an experiment, where you buy some skins and go right back to doing what you were doing and see if you get banned again, but they’re smart… and will probably play the long game and ban you anyway just to prevent people from making the connection.

    Just to be clear: I am cutting Blizzard absolutely no slack here. I think if they can figure out a way to reduce players to gold dropping NPCs that they farm, they will do so. They will introduce mechanics into any of their games that will be entirely counter to the game’s implied intent and counter to the “good of the game” to do this.


  19. @Maxim: I believe that but I didn’t and cannot prove it. Also there is a much more “innocent” explanation: “whatever annoys anyone is bad, so we ban anyone based on any X reports”. Ergo, it’s possible that if one-tricking would be the community opinion, they would ban 222 people based on reports. I prefaced my finding as “conspiracy theory” for a reason.

    @Smokeman: no, it’s not. One of the main rules of game development is “if you let other players do X on a player, it’s equal to doing X yourself”. The banned player has no reason to CARE if there were reports and how many before he is banned for normal play. Ergo, they might as well openly ban not switching.


  20. “If someone is regularly doing stupid or harmful things, may that be “wrong” pick, Mei-walling the team, feeding or anything you can think of, he would keep losing games and end up in Bronze. Ergo, everyone who is not in Bronze is not disruptive. Assuming the matchmaker isn’t broken, everyone you are matched with is an equal player with equal skill as you.”

    Well, not entirely true. One could easily troll/feed every fourth game in any elo and still stay roughly at the same division spot.
    Besides that I agree with the statements (or find them likely to be true, as the loot box selling as main motivation behind ‘stupid’ game design decisions).


  21. @Skeddar: you need 66% legit winrate to troll every 4th game and not lose rating. You can troll as many as you want in Bronze without being noticed as everyone there is horrible enough.

    Which is more likely:
    * someone plays most of his games legit but trolls a few, damaging his SR
    * someone is wrongfully identified as troll sometimes.


  22. @Gevlon
    Your position is weird. On one hand, you say that everything is so clear-cut there is no room for discussion: a game with purchase price doesn’t let you play because you hinder microtransactions. On another hand, you turn around and call the whole thing a conspiracy theory.

    Okay, i take it you don’t think your findings are worth the extra effort it would require to spread them beyond your blog.

    Bored now.


  23. I don’t know about Overwatch, but in League of Legends it was rather common that a player intentionally fed in every 10th game or sth, as he got triggered by ‘a stupid afk jungler’ or ‘this trash adc can’t lasthit’ or really any other thinkable reason. At least I stumbled over quite a few op.gg profiles that had those occasional 0/10/0 games with only Tears in their inventory.
    In OW it’s a lot harder to recognize feeders/trolls, as you have no minimap and no stats. And obviously a tons of 2-2-2 players who mean no harm but are just bad with their current ‘for the team’ pick.

    The thing I don’t really understand in OW is the ability to report opponents for disruptive gameplay which actually can lead to a ban, as it seemed to be the case in your posted Symmetra Youtuber case. Using disruptive gameplay against your opponents (like OTPing or Reinhardt + Bastion) seems like a good strategy to win, why let my (losing) opponents decide how they want to be beaten?
    In LoL I think it requires a certain % of reports from your own team, or stats that confirm the ban reason (like selling your items, or a bad kda while not getting autofilled against a skin buyer/smurf).


  24. @Maxim: I say it’s clear-cut that they don’t let you play because some buttmad kid reported you. That’s a fact and it’s enough to avoid the game like the plague.

    The idea that they let the kid report you and they ban because of microtransactions is not proven and does not need to be proven, because at this point is irrelevant. It doesn’t matter why they do it. The pure fact that they do ban people without investigation is enough to just avoid the game.


  25. One thing I never heard you mention was performance based SR. Before Diamond rating (3k) your SR gains/losses are determined by your stats on whatever characters you played in the match. If the average mercy resses 5 people in 10 minutes, and you ressed 8 you’ll gain more for a win and lose less for a loss for that game, and it works in reverse as well. I was surprised you never exploited this system to your advantage, from my understanding Mercy is one of the best for cheesing the system by keeping res on cooldown.

    From someone that plays the game regularly it feels as though you stagnated in rank and are looking for an excuse to quit. Maybe the game isn’t as ‘solvable’ as you hoped (it is, you’re just in an ELO hell where DPS players are so inconsistent you cant reliably be carried with proper support play), but at bronze/silver/gold you’re hardly winning/losing the game so much as rolling dice for an SR gain/loss based on your stats.

    I still think you’re leaving this one a bit half-ass and unfinished. Here’s a further experiment: when your suspension is up, buy some loot boxes and see if you can get banned again. Double down on being whatever the bronze-silver community considers toxic and try and bait out a permanent ban. If they still ban you then they’ll have banned a source of income, if they let you troll your way through the ranks you’ll have your proof that their system is designed to encourage lootbox buyers no matter how toxic they are.


  26. @Trees: I’ve gained 500 rating in 3 weeks and saw no reason why it wouldn’t continue. I swapped Mercy for Bastion/Torb/Symm exactly because you can’t carry retarded DPS. Before the ban, I was completely happy with my plan.

    No way I give them money. Also, I consider them greedy, not stupid. To give immunity to individual buyers is a recipe for being caught. You design the game for a group that strongly correlates with buying. Ergo, some people who behave as buyers without being one get a free ride and some weird non-class buyers get the axe. But you can always defend yourself with some bullshit.

    Finally, my job is indeed half-assed, because no further investigation is needed. It’s like when you want to build a case against an insider trader and find a dead hooker in his trunk and say “he will get 10+ years for the murder, screw the insider trading charge”. The pure fact that they ban people for no reason without even a human looking at the case is enough to avoid the damn game.


  27. Even without the lootboxes, I think you struck Gold this time; the dev is actually corrupt – it set up a system that can get you banned for just playing the game, because other people like how you play, have a different playstyle, or just don’t like you. The excuse “not cooperating with your team’s requests” is used to justify bans. But why should you have to do what strangers tell you to?

    Premade teams know each other abd work together.

    Randoms throw insults and go apeshit at each others.

    Hell, the opposing team can report you for disruptive play!

    Then, we got the guy who got reported by accidentaly hitting Q and wasting ultimate (he played WoW and Q is strafe left, muscle memory error).

    Honestly, if you wanna prove Dev corruption, you’re at the perfect spot. It may not be related to Pay To Win, but I’m sure there’s a financial incentive behind those design choices for the report system in its current state.


  28. I suppose that’s enough if your argument is that Overwatch is designed to sell lootboxes, but everyone already knew that and nobody (not even Blizzard) would deny it. Aren’t these projects about proving that mechanical ‘skillz’ are not the key to success? I don’t see how that could be proven at all by your results, your ‘500 rating in 3 weeks’ is next to nothing if you really had found the ‘silver bullet’. It would be naive to believe that 500 SR at 1500-2000 is the same as 500 SR at 4000-4500 in any game.

    Famous auto-aim one-trick streamer Stevo has grinded on stream from bronze to Grand Master rating in a matter of days by playing exclusively Symm, an entirely aimless hero. Your failure to repeat anything close to that after 3 weeks proves the exact opposite of what these projects meant to: that even Overwatch’s most easy characters require ‘skillz’ to succeed into the upper ranks.


  29. What’s more, your tactic brought victory to your team more often than not.

    The fact it goes against the 222 and that people can report disruptive behaviour despite such contribution, is an issue in itself.

    The question is WHY Blizzard enforces such a system – the logical financial incentive. Show this, it’ll have impact.


  30. @Trees: I was working on the silver bullet, not found it. I can’t tell what upper ranks need because I couldn’t get there because I WAS BANNED FOR MY PICKS. You are blaming me for something I couldn’t expect, because it’s so blatant that even Falcon wouldn’t dare to do it. I planned to continue before the ban happened, read the posts just before the suspension.

    @Jackthemaniac: I don’t think I need financial incentive for impact, because every reasonable person assumes that. No one would say “they do it to lose money”. Also, this was kind of open secret in the community, it’s not like I’m the first victim. If I knew to google “overwatch disruptive gameplay”, I could avoid the whole project.


  31. Well Gevlon Why dont you sue them? You bought an unlimited license to play the game and Blizzard illegally blocked you and therefore is in breach of contract.

    I will see if I have Time to play Overwatch using your method. If I get banned we can bring the issue to the courts. Thanks to the EU as a consumer you can challenge them in your Local court.


  32. @gurkengelee: because I’m pretty sure they have some fine print which says that they can refuse access for ANY reason. They can also parade some of my reporters at court who testify that they *felt* that I’m disrupting their game.

    Finally, I’m a firm believer of capitalism. Blizzard has the right to ban me. And I have the right to never give a dime to Blizzard in my life again (including for WoW: Classic that I planned to subscribe) and advise anyone who listen to me to don’t play Blizzard games. Instead, I’ll give my money to a competitor of Blizzard.

    I’d advise you not to play Overwatch with my method or any other way. Spend your time in a game that deserves your time!


  33. Hm. “I got to the same rating as you, you are no better than anyone here, stop giving orders!” does sound rather anti teamplay and “not open to discussion” to me. In a play mode which is meant for teamplay, that does sound disruptive to me.

    As someone else posted, without knowing how team chat involved, it sounds to me that not your message (222 is inferior) but rather how you communicated it led to the ban.


  34. @dobablo: that’s kind of obvious. Looking at a chat line is about 5 seconds for a human and most haters aren’t particularly subtle an post things like “die in the fire #$#@$ #@$@#” which is kind of obvious.

    I doubt if they do real machine learning. I don’t think they CARE why anyone reported you. They just want anyone who doesn’t fit in the “fun community” to go. It doesn’t matter that he paid for the game and didn’t do anything against the rules.


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