Weekend minipost: life comes to Maxim fast

I wrote: “This means that my project is probably doomed because whatever I come up with is directly against the wishes of Blizzard who will surely do something about it.”

Maxim commented: “You love getting a big head Gevlon. Your project needs to get big enough to be a threat to Blizzard, first. Also, at this point i can’t quite imagine what they can really do about it (aside from directly harming gameplay of individual champions for indivudal maps, and they won’t do that), so what they come up with is interesting in itself.”

Life comes to my dear commenter fast:

Greetings XXX,

Blizzard Account: XXX
BattleTag: Gevlon#2566
Game: Overwatch

Action(s) Taken:
Account Suspended

Violation: Disruptive Gameplay

Your fellow players reported you for a gameplay offense that is in violation of the Blizzard EULA and/or Code of Conduct.

Suspension expires on: 2018 April 22 17:48 UTC

After analysis of the evidence, we have Suspended your Overwatch account.

As the owner of this account, you are responsible for all actions associated with it. We will only overturn penalties if there is evidence of a compromised account or similar extenuating circumstances.

If you understand this and still want to appeal our decision, please visit this article and submit a ticket.


Customer Support

You didn’t see this coming, did you! (I kind of did)

Author: Gevlon

My blog: https://greedygoblinblog.wordpress.com/

23 thoughts on “Weekend minipost: life comes to Maxim fast”

  1. Woa! Banned for promoting single (main) champion play…

    Very annoying Control from Blizzard…


  2. I am very disappointed by Blizzard! Right from the start, I saw no reason to buy this expensive game when “Paladins” was a cheaper alternative. So, you pay for the right of not playing your favourite hero and pay for your account suspension if you play your favourite hero….
    When will the “Don’t play…” page be up?


  3. @Smite: when the appeal is closed. At the moment I have to give them the chance that it was a stupid low level GM or a badly programmed AI.


  4. Guess your only options are to become a Mercy main or to go as a 5-6 premade. Still you can try appealing. One-tricking is not a bannable offense. Blizzard made it clear in their tweets/forum posts.
    It’s a dick move in the eyes of randoms though.


  5. @Gevlon: The mistake was buying a Blizztard game in the first place.

    @anonymous: Wasn’t there another guy who got banned for just playing Torbjorn? What Blizz says and what Blizz does are two different things.


  6. This is why I play Paladins or Fortnite Battle Royal as they are f2p, if anything should happen, no money lost, no hustle and the games are equal in quality and playerbase compared to their full priced clones…
    Picking a hero of your liking and getting banned for it is appaling and you should not appeal the ticket, but demand a reimbursement as the game falsely advertises with multiple heros that can be played at will…
    How can picking a certain hero be “disruptive” when ALL the other teammates could switch to their according “meta setup”? Someone should troll all these damn YT creators who freely advertise for this shitty game…


  7. @Smite: I doubt if going to court for $40 is a good spending of my time

    F2P games are necessarily rigged as the devs have no valid way to get money and they must get money.


  8. You probably got reported a whole bunch by the 222 crowd, and were automatically banned. So yes, my guess would be “bad AI”. Unless you were toxic, but I don’t think so.


  9. Is it only a 24h ban or is my calculations flawed?
    If true then it is absolutely nothing but just a warning of misconduct imho.


  10. > You didn’t see this coming, did you!

    I also “kind of did”, just was too lazy to write about it (I should, because I can’t prove it now hehe). Banning that guy for playing “non-meta character” (as far as I understood it), then stating that one-tricking is almost a bannable offense, plus their long lasting preaching about “bring the player not the class”, “games being for everyone” (meaning direct opposition to the very “playing for win” idea) – all this makes a clear picture.

    Of course I firmly believe it was not Blizzard’s initiative, it was brought in by “fellow players” who see playing for win as a “disruptive gameplay” (nondisruptive gameplay is, obviously, playing for “making others feel good”). Blizzard’s fault is not “being bad in moderating the game”, it’s in making such a game. They openly support people reporting you, by their game design and, as you have correctly noted, by their monetization. It couldn’t end in any other way. Any person trying to play in a different way that makes everyone else “feel good” is a troublemaker and deserves a ban.


  11. Fun times.
    Sorry, but, at this point, you are asking me to believe that you got suspended simply for encouraging people to play champions they like in chat. This is such an impossibility in my mind that it is literally easier for me to believe that you have been up to some unrelated unsavory shenanigans that you didn’t blog about, got suspended for those and now using this unrelated suspension to push your narrative.
    In order to convince me, you’ll need some hard evidence that your chat messages were, indeed, the reason you were banned for. If Blizzard isn’t able to provide that reason, then you can confirm your theory by convincing a number of other public figures to paste your text in their games for a period of time and see if they get suspended.
    The upshot is – a number of people have been on Blizzard’s case for basically introducing the world to lootboxes. If you manage to procure solid proof of your narrative, you might be able to get someone like Jim Sterling to feature you on his show, which would result in a massive signal boost.
    So, yeah. Imo you’re full of shit, but if you’re not – i’d love to see that story featured on places other than your blog.

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  12. Oh. Another potentially interesting explanation is that you are actually getting reported by people simply on the grounds of refusing to play their meta. And Blizzard is not looking too hard into these reports, because (a) lazy, (b) existing meta is profitable.
    That’s closer to your explanation. Blizzard is not directly guilty of corruption, but is rather getting corrupted by following the opinions of higher paying customers.


  13. Is it possible you were victim of targeted reporting by people that read your blog? Like how people have used targeted DMCA reports on other content creators? Don’t really spend a lot of time reporting people, so not sure how it works, although I imagine it could only be from in game.


  14. Let’s be clear, he wasn’t banned for one-tricking… he was banned for promoting one tricking, which is disruptive to the intended game flow.

    Don’t want to be treated like a mark? Don’t play F2P games. Better yet, avoid all AAA studios that even consider these strategies. (Yes, I understand they “sell” Overwatch. They also hand it out for the in game currency of their other games.)

    But here’s the down side, and it’s really bad. There is a principle in economics that essentially stipulates “The bad money will chase out the good.” This has been in full effect for thousands of years, Even the Roman Empire had this problem when it was reducing the silver content of it’s core coin, the “Denarius.” People would recognize the difference and NOT spend the full silver ones, thus removing the “good” coins from circulation.

    The parallel here is unethical, but legally operating, companies will out-compete their more ethical counterparts, driving them out of business. So you can “boycott” these guys all you want, but not enough people will do that to make a difference. This is why you can’t design a shooter “properly” by moving the collisions and whatnot to the server, and why item shop and loot box schemes will rule AAA forever.

    They will just get better and better at implementing these schemes. Some game genres will disappear forever as it becomes literally impossible to provide an adequate product AND give the now entitled player all the “free stuff” they are routinely promised by the unethical companies. For example: Flight sims. When’s the last time anyone made one that wasn’t vapor or crap? Remember when Chris Roberts could actually make a game and it would be awesome and be released and sell a ton of copies? Imagine how bad ass any of those games would be if they could be made today! But few would buy them because they will probably have low budget graphics and no multiplayer mode. Enough people would rather dodge aim bot hackers and bitch than give up the dopamine shot of fast, client side propagation in an online game.


  15. @Jim: it’s 48 hours and since I’m not planning to change, it’s effectively a permanent ban.

    @Maxim: the reason for the ban is most likely not the text but the fact that because of it the meta was changed, people (including myself) bought other than 222 and all got reported by 222 fanatics. Blizzard simply automatically ban everyone with enough reports without any human GM.

    Google up “disruptive gameplay Overwatch” and you find countless people being banned for being off-meta, even top 500 players, streamers and internet celebrities. The banning system is automatic, as Antze K said. Blizzard considers playing to win disruptive, they want players to just fit in and provide good feelings to everyone. If you break the meta, it can end two ways:
    – it doesn’t work and your teammates are upset
    – it works and the enemy is VERY upset. They can’t believe that the 0-5-1 meta beats their 2-2-2, they believe that we are a troll team and they should roflstomp us. When we do it to them, they can imagine no other explanation than one of them were throwing and become all out toxic. Blizzard surely measures this too and if they find that the enemy team has twice the usual report rate when I’m playing against them, they ban me, even if I’m not reported by anyone.


  16. Well, while the exception proves the rule, IMHO an automatic ban system would be okay in this case. When 10 times as much people report you compared to others, then yes, you are obviously disruptive in some way to your team, compared to other players – even if you are right and they are wrong.

    And yes, even without evil money plots, as a game developer I would consider to act on that, too. You want your players to have fun. People that are getting reported (a lot) obviously do something that bothers their teammates enough to act (compared to other teammates).

    IIRC, that Symetra player wasn’t banned for one-tricking. He was allegedly banned for not working (enough) with his team wrt the team setup. Wasn’t there the suggestion to communicate more with his team why he picks what he picks?


  17. well what do you think gob’s? you have come up with a winning strategy that mess’s with the “true” narrative. So the only way to prove folks wrong is build your 0-5-1 team win with and get to the next level meta. Besides I have watched a bunch of streams of it and have concluded its a stupid game like LoL, in that monetization is more important than anything with “everyone” gets a medal mentality. Both games lack some consequence of a loss. Losing ranking in meaningless to someone who plays to enjoy the game this is the “didn’t need X” mentality.


  18. @krimsion: they would have to be somehow in my matchmade games. Unlikely.

    @Smokeman: disagree. Superhero shit and porn didn’t remove good movies from the cinemas and especially not from Netflix. There currently are good indie games, even if their graphics and quality is too bad for them to become success (except Minecraft). It’s only a matter of time before an investor realizes that. I do agree however that anyone coming from big current studios will forever be crap.

    @Jean-Mira: however this means that people are forbidden from climbing in the ranks, because if you are low rating, your teammates are all wrong (otherwise they wouldn’t be low ranked)


  19. @Gevlon:
    Did Blizzard support süecifically point out what “your disruptive gameplay” was? I mean it is very hard to not repeat that if they can’t tell what you did wrong. Amd I am not interested in speculations, but hard evidence that Blizzard support will present to you. I really like Maxim’s idea of going on tour with that story to several streamers and show this crappy politics to a larger audience…

    Maybe you should also report every person in chat who “orders” you to choose a specific hero when they could do the same without imposing themselves on others. If a story like this gets into buzzfeeds hands with the twist that ordering other players to choose specific heroes under threat of reporting them and getting banned as a cyberbully story, Blizzard would immediately shy away from such decisions…


  20. @Smite:
    “Following a review of your case, we can confirm that the evidence presented was correct and that the subsequent action taken was appropriate. Our decision in this matter stands and will not be overturned.

    For privacy and security reasons, it is our policy never to reveal details regarding account investigations beyond those which are provided in the original notice mail.”

    Original notice mail being what you saw in the quote.

    If you think they are purposefully dismissive and ambigous, you aren’t wrong.


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