The “silver bullet” explained

I wrote yesterday’s post in a hurry, now I have more time to explain. The problem in the society and any setting where you encounter random people is not morons and slackers, they are mere consequence. The problem is socials. They blindly follow established norms, the opinion of peers and the orders of established authorities. Too bad that the norms are usually outdated, the peers are just as dumb as themselves and the authorities are usually exploiting them. They uphold whatever dysfunctional system they are in and gladly carry those who don’t even contribute to that, the morons and slackers.

In Overwatch the dysfunctional system is 2-2-2. The top teams use 2 tanks, 2 healers and 2 damage dealers because they can work as a team and place damage dealers behind the tanks, who then need heal. In random games the players are all over the map, so 2-2-2 make absolutely no sense, the damage dealers will fight and die exposed.

The situation is even worse, most players do not mean to play healers and tanks which are considered “no fun.” In WoW teams there is 1 tank, 1 healer and 3 damage dealers (60% damage dealers) and there is still queue for them and cosmetic rewards for tanks. In Overwatch, there are 33% damage dealers, so you can assume most people are not happy being tanks and healers. So they aren’t just simply in the wrong role, they are there disgruntled and without practice.

Why do they do it? “Because the team needs it” – they answer. You can’t just break it by instalocking damage dealer. They will still re-create 2-2-2, it just make them even more angry – ergo playing even worse. The solution came organically. Sometimes one of them snapped and instead of trying to win, they wanted to punish me for my selfishness (they assume I lock damage dealer because I want fun at the expense of win). These cases they purposefully don’t want to win, but lock their favorites to show me how bad my selfishness is: these teams usually have Torb, Symm and whatever random damage dealer, usually without tank and/or healer. These teams always win, because even a 0-0-6 played with mains beats a 2-2-2.

So the solution is somehow liberate them from their obedience to the norms. My current way is starting the game with the chat line “DO NOT SWITCH just because someone tells you! I never switched and got to the SAME RATING AS YOU. Play your favorite and we’ll win!” and keep being active in chat, rejecting any 2-2-2 suggestion with a “just play what you want”. The main target of the chat is the inner M&S of the people. They always want fun, and playing their main is fun. They are the seed. If just 2 of the 5 remaining players say “screw this, I want fun”, 2-2-2 is broken.

The secondary target is the peer pressure point of socials. By pointing out that I have the same rating as them, they are forced to realize that I’m not an outlier but a peer: someone with the same rating as them. They can no longer dismiss me as a selfish rare nobody, as – in their ideas – belong to the bottom of Bronze. Also, I emphasize that I do not expect them to do differently than me, I’m not “selfish”, I want them to do as I do: play their favorite. They usually replay “let’s all play damage dealers then” because they assume I don’t mean it. But I replay: “yes, just pick what you want!” which at first make them trollpick (picking a champion who is neither 2-2-2, nor their main), but when they see I don’t rage, they switch before the game starts, either to a 2-2-2 compliant or their main. Even if they pick a compliant, they do it without being mad (and playing badly because of it). After all, they are mad about selfishness, not the actual pick and they no longer think I’m selfish. They usually think I’m a “letz haz fun lololol” moron, but remember, socials are tolerant to morons, they are mad at the selfish ones.

This isn’t my final line. I’ll improve it as I go. But so far, it’s a huge improvement over both silence and picking healer.

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7 thoughts on “The “silver bullet” explained”

  1. I have a golden border. It’s shiny and randoms assume I have “mad skillz”. And when team fails I’m usually the target of blame. But when a “god” (who is also maining a “boring” Mercy for 500 hrs) tells them to metaphorically run around naked in public they happily comply.
    It’s been just for a day but I noticed the improvement: there’s no group/heal rage spam, no pointing fingers or throwings. And we win. With Torb+Symmetra.


  2. I assume you still pick Mercy? I’d argue that your chances are better if you have at least one healer. In this case it’s legitimately good advice to play the hero they are best at.

    Interestingly, people at higher ELO complain often that the team comp is “shit” (4+ DPS, watch Unit Lost vids on the topic). It seems at low ELO people try to fill until they realize that they should strictly limit their hero pool, and they start to climb.

    You know, you simply might get better at Mercy though. Climbs do occur in win streaks.


  3. You are absolutely correct if you’re playing the matchmaking SR game. Where the frustration comes from is that people want to play the same game the pros play. However, the matchmaking game doesn’t reward pre-made groups who can build coordination.


  4. So basically your project has failed? You wanted to find a way to climb to the top with a stratigic hero in this game and without hazin skillz. As it turns out you have to play a dps, therfore a haz skillz by defoult and have to play the social game. Where is the strategy?


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