Finally, I’ve found the M&S silver bullet for Overwatch

I couldn’t climb in rating in Overwatch, because no way I can track targets on the move like a someone who could be my son. This isn’t a problem by itself, as I’m not here to climb by “skillz”, but by understanding strategy and the socials who play it. But nothing worked. They insist on a bad meta (2 tanks, 2 healers, 2 DPS), which is used by pro teams who can position and avoid avoidable damage. But randoms – especially on low rating – just move around randomly, DPS getting oneshotted before tanks, tanks dive in with no one around and so on. In this situation 1-1-4 would be much better. But no way I could convince them. If I just picked DPS, they got mad and spent the game flaming instead of playing.

But finally, I’ve found the M&S silver bullet. A copy-paste that I insert at the start of the game: “DO NOT SWITCH just because someone tells you! I never switched and got to the SAME RATING AS YOU. Play your favorite and we’ll win!” It has everything: a direct order (do not switch), an appeal to M&S (who hate being told what to do), a reason for intelligent people (I’m at the same rating, so it works) and an inspiration for socials (“we’ll win”).

I’ve figured this out around Sunday noon and since then I’ve gained 250 rating, reaching my highest ever:
Sure, it’s not something spectacular, but it’s a huge improvement for me and it’s far from being over.

I will keep thinking how to improve the copy-paste. I also no longer ignore chat, every time someone demands anyone to switch, I counter with something like “play what you want” that is simple and appeals to the inner devil of the players. After all, if you are playing with M&S and socials, don’t run around with logic and data, but by manipulation! I wish I’ve found this 100 hours of game ago. But hey, research is hard!

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7 thoughts on “Finally, I’ve found the M&S silver bullet for Overwatch”

  1. Hm… Witnessing Gevlon at a pivotal turning point. Instead of calling out m&s with reason and logic, he uses social behaviour to manipulate his team…
    Just how the Shittani started out… Beware, it’ll end with Gevlon hand picked teams who roflstomp other casual player teams… 😉


  2. I think there is even more to that, than You are thinking Gevlon. A player in the lower end of ranking, is genuily bad at the game. He is bad at all champions, but that usually not an issue because he plays against equally bad players. But from all these bad champions, he has champions he is comfortable with. He may still be bad on them, but at least he understand them and can free up his brain power from champ to game.


  3. I don’t play overwatch so I don’t know the ruleset so this comment may not apply. Can you recommend to you team to report someone for throwing the game by not switching?

    Back in Wintergrasp you were able to gain raid lead to kick or direct your forces. Is there a way to gather you team when you get a 2-2-2 so they are more likely to support each other?

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