The post where I realize I’m guilty in what I’ve just preached against

I wrote that one-tricks cannot have a negative effect on their teams, otherwise they’d have negative effects on their previous teams and had fallen to bronze long ago. The problem is the tilted moron who is raging and switching to “fix the team” instead of playing what he’s good at.

I’ve just realized that I’ve done something very similar. Recently I played Bastion. I mean for more than 90 hours. Not because I particularly like it, but because that was the DPS hero I disliked the least and also one of the most brain- instead of aim-heroes. I played Bastion because this meant that if more than one of the remaining 5 players picked DPS, we had more than 2 DPS and I’m a firm believer that 2-2-2 is stupid unless you have a proper team.

I still think that 2-2-2 is stupid. However I was still fixing the team instead of playing what I’m good at. Well, I’m relatively good at Bastion 2.1 K/D, 1.1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze per game, but the winrate is mere 50.7%. Why? Because of what I wrote yesterday: in a “fixed” team, the teammates are playing something they can’t, because they feel forced to and they are mad, spending more time flaming than playing. Yesterday I had a game with Bastion which ended with 4 golds and teammates asking the enemy to report me for throwing which they refused and told I killed them the most. This was funny, but the game was still lost.

I keep detailed statistics, so there are some maps that I win with obscene ratio (Lunar, Junker, Oasis, Volskaya) but in the rest of the places I have near 50% or less. So on these maps I stop using Bastion and pick the character I’ve always liked the most: Mercy. Yes, it means worsening the meta by practically giving up the chance of 1-heal. But the result is that the rest of the team has more chance to play whatever they like instead of raging over “OMG Bastion thrower”. As there are 6 tank heroes, 5 healers and 15 (16 with Brigitte) DPS, while the prevalent meta gives 2 spots to all. So one would guess that most players have DPS favorite, but “can’t” play it because of me instalocking Bastion. I hope that by playing Mercy, things will be better.

Of course it raises the question why I didn’t climb initially with Mercy? Well, because 2-2-2 is stupid and I supported it with my pick. The solution will be the 4 Bastion maps, the plan is to upkeep 50% winrate with Mercy while progressing via Bastion. Also, with time I’ll get data on Mercy winrates on maps, so I can pick maps where I lose and play either Bastion or Torb or Symm there, increasing winrate even more.

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