You made your bed Tobold, now sleep in it!

Tobold is upset or sad. He doesn’t like that “millenials being very anti-merit: If you have a group of millenials and you give one of them a raise for merit, the others are complaining how unfair that is.”

I wonder who broke this generation. Well, Tobold did himself along with people like him. You know, Tobold was a big name in MMO community a decade ago. And he was a staunch defender of accessible gaming, the idea that people regardless of performance are entitled to progress. He loudly debated my idea of “morons and slackers”.

The Millenials were in their formative years back then. They – unlike previous generations – didn’t play ball on the school yard, nor on an arcade game in the mall, they played at home with their computer. Unlike all previous generations, their games weren’t competitive. Half of the schoolyard ball kickers left the field defeated. Those who sucked at shooting aliens ran out of coins fast. But if you played World of Warcraft as a literal cloth-wearing warrior, you could progress. Not because it was good business, WoW stopped growing in the minute they introduced the “accessible” WotLK, but because of politics. Because of the idea of “everyone matters”.

Tobold demanded that change for long. He disagreed that “no lifers” should have an advantage. Yes, I kind-of-agree that no-lifing is the lowest form of skill, but it’s a skill nevertheless. If you work bad jobs 10 hours a day, you still contribute more to the society than a welfare leech and make better money. Tobold – like all the liberals – is an over-educated man who lives isolated from the dumb people. Yes, there are people who aren’t meant for more than grinding. That’s maybe not fair, but that’s how it is. It’s the interest of everyone that the morons at least don’t slack. But where I saw morons and slackers, Tobold saw “people with little time”.

Tobold was a champion of giving in-game progress to those who don’t earn it. Guess what, that’s what millenials learned from gaming: that you are entitled for progress without earning it. If Blizzard could give you a mount for logging in, your workplace can give you salary for showing up. Logical, at least on their level of understanding of the World.

You can’t expect ordinary people to understand the World. That’s why we have norms and laws. Stupid guy doesn’t have to understand that the kinetic energy depends on the square of speed, all he has to understand is that “60” written in the red circle means you must drive below 60. They learn these norms from the society. Their fathers learned that if you suck at playing ball, you get defeated. They learn that logging in gives you an achievement.

Tobold, that’s what you were fighting for a whole decade! Now sleep in the bed you made!

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5 thoughts on “You made your bed Tobold, now sleep in it!”

  1. “The internet has dramatically lowered the barrier of entry to self-publication and possibly fame.”

    The Internet .. reads like “the invisible hand”

    more then a decade of acoustic couplers and modems build into 8bit and 16bit systems formed a majority privately owned computer network. build and maintained by hobbyists and tech geeks. BBS ( and selfbaked message routing (FidoNet then came .com boom dialup and packet switched network. and as tech got more and more mainstream and idiot friendly (ibm+windows) … we have users that have no idea “how to build” nor “how to maintain” anything related to the hardware and software they are using and depending on.
    smartphone boom since 2006 is just the same trend flooding the networks with idiot users that don’t know anything (worse than 12yo getting a computer for Christmas and the first two weeks of January no one every got a connection on their BBSes they frequent.).

    same trend. no one cares. if enough would care something as data collections agencies like every socialmedia company on the world wouldn’t exist with that kind of power in the first place.

    same with games. in the end the majority is fine with slotmashines and some lights blinking for attention and dopamine hit. do some hermits get outraged? sure. does the majority care? nope.


  2. Have to agree there. Video gaming was a small niche back then. With more advanced tech, hardware and connectivity, more and more people got into contact with games and the internet. Game developping became a huge industry and it needed ever more consumers, so every inept player needed to get rewards.
    And this is why we can’t have nice things…


  3. Well. You can still get hard as hell games. But they’re all single player games. With a single player game, you can add a “difficulty selector” that you can’t, in any practicality, add in a multi player game where people are fighting the same mobs for the same rewards.

    The conundrum here is people LIKE multi player. There is a dynamic to having others there that adds depth to the game. But you can’t have a multi player game that caters to the high end.

    At the same time, there are plenty of ways to get an extreme multi player challenge… but you have to work for it. You can’t bitch and moan about “games being too easy” if you aren’t willing to play a single player game where you can adjust the difficulty, or be willing to put in the effort to be on a proper team in a multi player one.

    As an example from back in the day, “Doom” had difficulties from “Don’t hurt me” to “Nightmare.” Bitching about others progressing easily in modern MMOs is like bitching about those same people playing Doom on “Don’t hurt me” because they complete the game the same as the “Nightmare” people do. That’s just not fair to the people that worked for their “Nightmare” win, right?

    If you’re going to get pissed about what other people do, don’t play multi player games. You’re just too competitive.

    A single player game can cater to BOTH crowds by adjusting the difficulty. The overly competitive people just can’t see the lousy players play. It’s multi player and the cost of AAA games that are the prime drivers here, not some new influx of super scrubs sucking in YOUR game.


  4. @Smokeman: you missed the point. Single player hard games doesn’t have socialization value. Kids were formed by hard games for ages: they had to compete against peers and learn that you often lose and can’t get you get what you want and must try harder.

    Today’s multiplayer games teach that you win for showing up.


  5. It is Generation X that cannot deal with hard things while getting lazy and impatient with their casual gaming. We demanded easy games that allow us to socialise and resent the generation that connect through technology more efficiently than us. Millennials are always connected and don’t need gaming to fulfill their the social needs so their games can be a purer challenge, not needing to carry the casual.
    The kids are playing competitive shooters on their phones while their parents are dancing about playing pirates, being silly and getting lost.


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