Leaver replacement

Leavers are a constant plague to the game. My team had a leaver in 9% of the games. I notice that, because I get a big red notification. The enemy team leaver is probably just as common (or more, since they have 6/5 more randoms to leave) but as we are pushing forward, I don’t have time checking the match info scene as I don’t die. If I assume the same rate, I can say that 20% of the games are decided by a leaver. That’s very high.

No, I didn’t count the “early leaver”, which makes the game end in 10 seconds without rating change to anyone, including the leaver.

The main reason for the high leaver rate is that Blizzard in its infinite wisdom decided not to penalize leaving. Yep, we have an “e-sport” where regularly quitting mid-game in ranked gets you no suspension from he game or even from playing ranked. All you get is decrease of cosmetic lootboxes (in the form of XP cut) which doesn’t even count as slap on the wrist.

But this post isn’t a rant about evil Blizzard tolerating evil leavers, it’s a solution offer. The solution is trivial to implement, because it’s already implemented. If you get a leaver in a quick game, you quickly get a replacement player. He gets some extra cosmetic XP for backfilling. I simply suggest the same to be implemented in ranked. Sure, most leavers rage quit when the game goes bad, so being backfilled means a likely loss. That’s why I do not suggest to backfill any ranked game players. Backfill a quick game player into ranked if there is a leaver! He won’t notice he’s in ranked, he won’t get ranking, just his usual cosmetic points.

The backfilling should happen after 20 seconds of disconnect or instantly if the disconnect is due to AFK. If the original player returns, the backfilled player is kicked (and properly compensated) next time he dies and the original player can re-enter the game. Sure, a quick play guy in diamond probably won’t save the day, but in bronze and silver he will do just fine, giving decent chance to the other 5 to win. And even in diamond he can slow the enemy just enough that if the original player returns (because he had a PC crash) the match isn’t over.

It would cost no programming. It would annoy nobody (any more than quick play backfilling. It would save several games from being one-sided massacres). Implement it!

Author: Gevlon

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9 thoughts on “Leaver replacement”

  1. I feel I should point this out, as you’re generally so good at utilizing statistics.

    But If the predominate reason for people leaving early is your side is losing, (And why would it be otherwise.) you were both probably going to lose regardless, and the leaver would then be, predominately, on the losing team.

    All they’re really doing is ending a match that was probably lost earlier.

    That said, yeah, I think your solution would work fine. And would probably wrest victory from the jaws of defeat at least once in a while, at least in the low rankings, but not 10% worth.


  2. @Smokeman: there are three kinds of leavers

    * ragequitters over an already lost game. This case the chance of turning the game is indeed low

    * “mom said I have to take down the garbage” leavers. They happen even in nearly won game. This case a replacement can work with normal winrate

    * tilted punk: he got into an argument with someone and now 2 people weren’t playing but chatting. A replacement could function better than he did, increasing the chance of win compared to him never leaving.


  3. Leaving IS penalized, at least in ranked. You get 2 games worth of SR loss (-50), and a temporary ban in ranked. The duration of the ban increases quickly until you are banned for the whole season. It does reset after a while though, you can leave at least every 50th game or so without increased ban times. Probably more.

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  4. Since Season 4:

    All instances of a person leaving a competitive mode game, be they voluntary or involuntary, are punished the same

    This is because regardless of why/how you leave a game the result for the remaining 5 people on your team are the same

    The game also cannot differentiate between someone who loses their internet connectivity (outage, storm, land mine, etc) and someone who rage quits by unplugging their ethernet cable, so they are punished equally

    There are 6 leaver penalties that occur in succession to cause a season long ban. It is your responsibility as a player to edumucate yourself as to the levels of punishment:

    10 minutes
    30 minutes
    2 hours
    8 hours
    24 hours
    Season Ban

    Each comes with a 50 SR penalty

    The game does not track “disconnects” and “purposeful leaves” separately. They are cumulative

    This means if you rage quit once, lose your internet 3 times, and lose power twice in a season you get a season long ban.


    You may think it’s “ridiculous” or that “the game is over”, but the fact of the matter is that blizzard decides when that occurs. They have decided that is when the victory/defeat screen appears

    You not liking it, you ignoring it, you protesting it does not change it, and you will be punished for leaving if you violate it.

    If you do not have a stable internet connection, no matter how unfair it feels, you SHOULD NOT PLAY COMP. If you do not have the self awareness to say “i am ruining the game for 11 people EVERY time my internet goes out” and trigger a season ban, the system is WORKING AS IT IS INTENDED TO

    And finally, before you make a thread, before you beg and plead your innocence: You aren’t and blizzard does not overturn leaver penalty punishments. Ever. If you don’t believe me, go check their customer service twitter.


  5. Also, QP and ranked are a bit different, so the new guy would recognize that he joins a ranked match. The timers are different, and ranked matches are symmetric, i.e. you get to both attack and defend.


  6. As others have pointed out, it’s common knowledge that leaving a competitive match is a -50 SR penalty plus increasing time bans. The reason they don’t back-fill is that they don’t want people to browbeat their teammates into dropping in hopes of getting a better player

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  7. The problem with the system you propose is that people usually go into Quickplay with certain expectations. If I queue for QP, I expect to be able to do things like trying out heroes I rarely play or new strategies, play into counters to figure out the matchup better or testing specific interactions without worrying about winning much. However, if I get placed in Competitive as a replacement instead, I do have to play properly and try hard to win – or such a system would be pointless. Filled in Comp from QP queue, I would be incentivised to leave this game and find a proper QP match instead
    – as I don’t get anything even if I do win, which is unlikely.
    Instead, a better idea, I think, would be adding a “Fill in Competitive” checkbox below the QP queue button. If a player does get into a Comp game, he loses nothing if the team loses and get half of the Comp points reward if he wins. This way there’s both incentive to try to win – and so play as you should in Comp – and no incentive to just leave, as you already agreed that you want this.

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