PUBG prime?

Rift Prime is a subscription-only service for the otherwise P2W-lootbox MMO Rift. They obviously do not provide this service out of good heart, simply realized that there is a “middle class” who are ready to pay a modest fee for decent play (unlike free players), but are not interested in throwing $1000 for the privilege of being a God among free players like the whales.

My idea is that PUBG could do the same, introducing subscription service. What would it offer for $15/month? Only these perks:

  • No streamers: the matchmaker never put you in the same games as noted streamers. Streamers understandably get preferential treatment, even to the point of players being banned for honking around them. That’s OK against free players, but as a paying customer I don’t want to deal with a streamer, the stream snipers and his sacrificial fanboys.
  • Reports subscribers made are investigated by a human. I understand that PUBG Company can’t hire a mod for every report, but if I pay $15, they can. To prevent abuse (reporting everyone killing you), you have 30 “innocent” reports per month, if you report 30 people who were just good, no more reports are investigated this month. If the reported is a cheater, he gets his ban right away and you get feedback. Watching 2 minutes of gameplay 30 times is an hour, I’m sure you can get a mod for $15/hour.

I’d definitely pay $15/month to not be bothered by streamers and (so many) cheaters.


PS: as a nice intersection of cheating and streaming, check out this specimen!

PS2: New PUBG placement vs kill data added to the appropriate post.

PS3: I keep telling that there is only two reasons to fire at someone. One is direct self defense, the other is:

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One thought on “PUBG prime?”

  1. I totally agree and I do not understand why this hasn’t been already implemented by any game company.
    In F2P games, there are already a sort of subscription models, only they provide a monthly/daily limited amount of gold/diamonds etc. basically a little more convenience but nothing more.
    I would pay for such a service although I do not accept that streamers get a special treatment.


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