Banned for honking

These are some really sad reviews of PUBG:

Yep, you read it right. Using the car honks near a streamer is harassment. Killing streamers was already a bannable offense in PUBG, but it seems like just using the tool that was explicitly made by developers to make annoying noise to … make annoying noise is forbidden if it annoys streamers.

Reddit is – as expected – not amused, the top comment being less than nicely worded about streamers and their contribution to the gaming scene.

I’m sure in one thing: if I’ll ever have a video game (not likely), one of the top rules would be “no streaming”, and I would ban every damn streamer who comes near my game and DMCA takedown their videos too. Go get a job instead of leeching on me!

I consider streamers – along with any kind of game monetizers – a plague on the games, even if in the short run they bring attention to the game. Games get big by hype and PR, but they stay big on being good to play for a long time. Having to deal with cheaters and unfairly treated players is anything but good long time experience. Imagine that someone just plays the game and sees that a name of a famous streamer is popping up in the kill feed. At this point the safest option is throwing away the weapons and hiding. If he keeps them, and meets the streamer and kills him, he can lose his account, as the streamer will likely scream “cheater” for outplaying him. This isn’t good gameplay, not even in a “for fun” game, not to mention any kind of competition.

Games need to be fair, and even more importantly, appear fair to exist for longer time than the attention span of the “lol itz fun XD” players. The T20 incident caused major stir for EVE Online and I left because a developer openly sided with my opponents, to the point of running a cyberbully campaign himself. This isn’t a development issue, it doesn’t matter how good the game is if the outcome depends on who is in the good graces of the devs. Streamers and monetizers look innocent enough at the start, but if you develop codependency with them, then you are doomed to cater to their more and more outlandish wishes, to the point of banning paying players for using a car honk.

Finally: PUBG is already the single biggest game out there. It doesn’t need the hype coming from streamers. They can be told to get their dirty fingers elsewhere.

Author: Gevlon

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15 thoughts on “Banned for honking”

  1. @Gevlon:
    “PUBG is already the single biggest game out there. It doesn’t need the hype coming from streamers. They can be told to get their dirty fingers elsewhere.”

    I’m not sure it’s that simple. If all streamers would stop playing PUGB and start playing for example Fortnight then the playercount would fall sharply. The mainstream is where the “celebs” are (which is another reason why you should not depend on them).


  2. @cathfaern: are you seriously claiming that anyone would stop playing a game he likes because some dude on the internet quit?

    I don’t question the ability of streamers to drag bored guys who aren’t playing anything at the moment to a game. But after they settled, they won’t even watch streams anymore.


  3. You underestimate the social aspect of people. If all streamer would say that they quit and the game is bad, people will leave. I’m sure of it. There are many people who watch stream more than playing the game.


  4. Hahaha, I am so glad that I did not buy this crap game…
    It suffers from the same cancers as lots of “successful” games: pandering to idiots, leeching, botters not banned etc…


  5. @Gevlon: I think there are only a few people who watch exclusively streams. Most watch streams and playing the game. You know, like watching the streamer do some cool thing and they say “I want to do that to” and loads the game. If the streamer does some cool thing in another game, he/she will load that game instead.


  6. Streamera and letsplayers are really useful and important tool to promote your game. Especially if you aren’t Blizzard. Without them lots of people won’t be able to know that your game even exists so they won’t buy it. I’ve found at least few really good games because of them, like Stellaris or A Hat In Time. There are games that couldn’t become successful without those people. Like “Party Hard” for example. Streamers shouldn’t have any kind of special rights in same time of course.


  7. Streamers are cheap marketing (financially free if your game is good enough you don’t have to ‘sponsor’ them). No dev in their right mind turns down free press in this over saturated market, even ‘bad’ press (Kingdom Come) has its advantages as you’re well aware. Even as streamers cause drama (I know that grimz guy was a reddit meme for a while) it all just focuses public attention back on the game.

    I’m curious if you watch the Twitch ‘Top viewed’ list ( This metric seems to be more and more relevant for multiplayer games (and single player, hello again KCD) where steam reviews and metacritic are less and less important. Why would a person care what angry steam users, and even less what ‘game journos’ think, when they can instantly see what’s popular in real time by watching viewer counts.


  8. @Gevlon

    It’s obvious what the devs think of streamers, or else you wouldn’t keep having instances where they rush to their defense. I’m still in awe as to why people play this game. As some keep hinting about in this very thread, PUBG’s social draw seems to be a stronger motivator to play than the actual gameplay mechanics themselves. And just last week I heard that the PUBG devs were changing server matching to where it is based on “ping”. What’s next, server matching based on how many FPS your video card can do?


  9. @vv, Trees: I understand that games can use the promotion of streamers. But after they are established, they no longer need them and from there, streamers are just alienating players with their privileged positions.

    @Noguff: ping lock is important, because the game is practically unplayable if you OR THE ENEMY has high ping. I mean you can already be dead on the server without even seeing anything on your client.


  10. It’s never hurts to have stream of new potential buyers for your game. And problem is in priveleged position that exists in some games. Not in streamers or streaming. Usually streamers don’t have any kind of special rights. There’s a multiplayer game “Tanki Online” and it’s new version “Tanki X” that I’ve worked on some years ago. They worked with streamers really close and early but never give them special privileges.


  11. @Gevlon

    “ping lock is important, because the game is practically unplayable if you OR THE ENEMY has high ping. I mean you can already be dead on the server without even seeing anything on your client.”

    I was under the impression that “ping” matching was supposed to evenly match those players with the same ping…or within a certain range. The game isn’t trying to help the 40ms ping player, it’s trying to not match 120ms players against them. So the 120ms ping players are still screwed either way. What this does is reward those with low ping.

    Prediction: Paid servers coming soon.


  12. @Noguff: this “encourages” high ping player to pick a server closer to him. Legit players did that already. The only “high ping players” out there were Chinese hackers playing on NA and OC.


  13. There is no proof that the reviews tell the truth. These guys could be legitimately banned for cheating and lying in review out of spite.


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