I didn’t have a team for 3 years and it’s good to have one

I did lots of projects in games that you could follow. But everything I did recently I did alone. The last time I played with someone who wasn’t total random was starting random group heroic WoW raids with my girlfriend. That was 2014 Nov-Dec and ended in the last day of 2014 by killing the heroic endboss.

She still plays exclusively WoW, I don’t play WoW. I didn’t play EVE, BDO, LoL or PUBG with anyone. I sent money to people, wrote guides, found strategies but haven’t played together. This changed now. If you check my PUBG statistics, you can see that I’ve played duos with the same people and not randoms: Re_snxxy, Tharre, Grisix, Spot420. I’m building a little group (with the intention to make it not so little), to conquer the toplist. It goes pretty well, everyone is climbing in rank.

But that’s not the point for today. The point is that I should have done this 3 years ago, when my WoW project ended. It’s not just “better” to not play alone, you actually learn a lot from teammates (spectating them when I die first, discussing). I shouldn’t have gone the easy way and write a BDO moneymaking guide, I shouldn’t have made money alone in EVE, I should have formed a team, like in the heyday of my blog, the Blue gear raiding, the Wintergrasp domination and so on. Those posts are much more usable than some theoretic discussion or guide. Also, if I had a big group in EVE, Falcon probably wouldn’t dare to attack me so openly, fearing that we mass-boycott the game.

But there’s no point crying over sunk costs, we should look for the future. I stay with this PUBG project, try to form a big team that has all members in top 1000. Join! Just send Gevlon a friend request and I will add you to the Steam group:

Author: Gevlon

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10 thoughts on “I didn’t have a team for 3 years and it’s good to have one”

  1. I shouldn’t have made money alone in EVE, I should have formed a team, Really gob’s take a few moments and read my responses to you over the years.


  2. @Maxim: we don’t socialize. We don’t have voice chat, we don’t discuss anything during games besides placing markers to avoid going to the same place. Having a team has noting to do with a social group. I don’t even know the real names of these guys.


  3. Guess some things are destined to be reinvented. Even Sirlin mentioned the importance of being part of the community, and he pointed out very similar reasons for that. Not “The Community” in modern sense, but the community of professionals, that is, players who are at least attempting to play to win.


  4. If you did not have a “team” per-se in Eve, I do know you inspired other people. Before starting the Minarchist Space project, I did join MOA and fought with them for a while against the goons before WWB because of your blog and your analysis. I started getting into the Eve politics because of the siphons but I knew thanks to your blog that I must not be the only one playing Eve solo. I ended up campaigning 3 years in a row (well, 2 1/2 exactly, as the 3rd year I sold my campaigning toon a few days before the vote once CCP reduced the CSM seats from 14 to 10 while not allocating a few of those seats themselves based on campaigning efforts, thus leaving no chances to any hard-working, passionate, independent-minded player to participate to the CSM).

    Your support the first year did help, even if the election system favors the cartels, and my votes took a nose dive the second year once you left the game after CCP’s community manager openly made fun of your contribution to the community.

    I can already hear the socials mocking that “Gevlon is becoming social” with a team, but there is a fundamental difference between them and you/us. Outside of teaming up with RL friends, they mostly want to be in a team that give them the most benefits for the less efforts, and/or where they can compete to boss other players around and passively benefit from other players’ play time. Being in your team, without previous RL friendship, means everyone is pulling the same weight around, and we all freely pull each others up.

    This is as close as it can get to the libertarian ideals that I was hoping to generate in Eve with the Minmatar-centric Minarchist Space project, but fundamentally Eve is not as much a real sandbox as it is an exercise in mass-lemmingry and carebearing, under the yokes of a few “venerable” players who mostly owe their power to how early they started playing the game and/or how well they know people at CCP (possible exception for Matias Otero who founded Brave, but Brave benefited from the comm channels of CCP, the last new group of getting that kind of boost to truly emerge…).

    Anyway, back to PUBG, I am looking forward to see the team’s duo ratings at the end of the season!


  5. Humans can not avoid the hard-wired appreciation seeking mechanism built in their brains. Being acknowledged and praised. The difference is that the morons and slackers seek the praise of other morons and slackers by socialising. While high efficient, goal-driven individuals seek the recognition of their pairs. Tackling a project with people who share the same vision and methods is one way to satisfy this need.


  6. @Gevlon
    Cavemen hunters didn’t “socialize”, either. Guttural sounds were all entirely functional and the mere concept of a “name” seemed rather pointless.
    Roots of socialization don’t resemble it very much 😀


  7. You should use what you discover along the way to produce a corollary to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs… but it’s not a “hierarchy of needs” per se… but an evolution of social connections in a competitive group.

    The first stage, of course, is “brief status and direction information.”

    Eventually, as “cliques” form, you’ll know some people’s names. Not because you need to know, but because they will feel the need to tell you.


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