1v2, top 1000 (out of more than a million)

So, I started playing PUBG again, this time on Duos, because people claimed that the solo scene is not relevant and the “big guys” are playing in teams. It’s somewhat supported by the player counts:


How did I get a duo partner? I didn’t. I just queued randomly, ignored my partner (if I got one at all) and went hiding as my solo guide says. I finished in top 10 68% of the games. Finally, after mere 28 games I got on the top 1000:


While I expected good results, this is better than my solo result, I’m climbing faster! Why? Because teams play more aggressively, so hiding helps even more. They die very fast to each other while I’m hiding somewhere. This aggressive play is not necessarily a decision. If 4 solo players are around and one spots another, 2 will fight. If 2×2 are around, everyone engages.

I really hope that this result convinces everyone that PUBG is a hiding game and not a shooting game.

However I have plan B if the “ima better cuz i got killz at school” (while in bottom 50%) kids are still around. I’ll form a “clan”, a group of players who also prefer hiding and we’ll play pre-made squads. All 4 of us will land at different places, we’ll play independently, because as long as just one of us lives, the team lives and all of us get the high result from the last survivor. With this strategy I expect top 10 in the infamous squads.


PS: I don’t post politics, it’s just a random PUBG screenshot:

Author: Gevlon

My blog: https://greedygoblinblog.wordpress.com/

6 thoughts on “1v2, top 1000 (out of more than a million)”

  1. Heh, yeah, I kind of thought “team” mode in PUBG would be stupid, but people would flock to it because “team.” It’s like those dumb “team competition” TV shows like “Top Shot”, where you start on a team, but when the player count goes down, the teams will auto-disband. You still have idiots who think they need to be loyal to their “team.”

    So it’s no shock that duos or quads that just hide independently would be better at “team” mode.


  2. In the screenshot, the letter “P” is completely omitted from the grey, smaller font. What is up with that?


  3. Aren’t ratings still in process of converging? What was the rating required for 1000-th rank in previous seasons?


  4. @Smokeman: because they are missing from the game too. Probably someone inserted the “space” font where “p” should be in their character set

    @retsep: yes they are, and if someone is a slow climber, he is at disadvantage now. So my result isn’t 100% accurate, but for the result it’s irrelevant.


  5. “@Smokeman: because they are missing from the game too. Probably someone inserted the “space” font where “p” should be in their character set”

    Seriously? It’s missing all over with that font? That’s pretty sad. I don’t even particularly care and I noticed. You’d think someone at Bluehole would have noticed that.


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