PUBG guide to the top 100: dodge queue!


Why did I lose 9 ratings for a #3?! I lost the same amount for a #21 few games away, and #3 is a bit better than #21. For top 10 I always gain rating. The solution is 3/10! The match just didn’t start and players quit, finally starting with 10 players. The rating is calculated by who are behind and who are ahead you. A 3/100 means that 97 players were behind you, a 3/10 means 7.

What can you do about this? You can just quit matchmaking before the airplane flies by pressing ESC and pick “exit to lobby” on the menu. I’ve tested it in 3pp and I didn’t lose rating. I lost rating for quitting while the plane was flying or – obviously – when I died very early.

Always quit if the match have less than 95 players! The more players are in the game, the more die early while you are evading combat. Practically the same amount gets to the 4th circle, regardless if they were initially 100 or 50. You should also quit the damn fog maps where you don’t see anything but those who mess with the ini files do, because fog is client-side. You also have to dodge rain maps, not because there’s anything wrong with them, but because other people do, giving you a 80-people game.

Author: Gevlon

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6 thoughts on “PUBG guide to the top 100: dodge queue!”

  1. Would you consider recording yourself playing PUBG? I’d be very interested in seeing your play style rather than just reading about it. Nvidia and AMD graphics cards both have software that lets you easily record games.


  2. I get the feeling you’re right for the wrong reasons.

    My theory as follows.

    I don’t think the number of players has anything to do with the rating change you describe, instead it’s the rating of the players themselves, in your example, if the people that got position #1 and #2 have less rating than you, then it stands you’d lose rating and they’d gain rating. If they’d have higher rating than you, and every player from #4 to #10 have less rating than you, then rating change should be minimal, and if the people that are #4 to #10 have higher rating than you, then you’d stand to gain rating.

    In shorter words, rating change is decided by who’s ahead and behind you in the position, if higher rating people than you are in lower position than you, you gain rating, otherwise you lose rating. If lower rating people are higher position than you, you lose rating, otherwise you gain rating. I wonder what’s the exact formula then for rating change.

    To confirm you’d just have to check the rating of the people ahead of you, since you’re already finishing in a pretty high position, that’s not a lot of people to check.


  3. An extension of the reason why one should play only during peak hours. Seems logical.
    About video: people are watching many things that others might find pointless to see. However, due to Gevlon’s play-style(e.g., hiding in toilet), it might become one of the grossest things.


  4. That would probably be the most boring thing on the internet. – GG 2017
    Didn’t laugh that hard in a while! I wonder what youtube letplayers and every streamer on twitch has to say about that, hahaha.

    I record with OBS (open broadcast software, a very nice tool once it settings are set correctly) for myself to analyse my play. most of it gets dumped but some encounters are worth analysing to see what really happened, also if some ban or what ever is issued against me I have video prove of what happened. Since most games today don’t have a record function.

    With PUGB being this popular a “#100 guide” with some follow-up vids of various situations where to apply the rules, will get views nearly guaranteed. But it is editing work, and your english pronunciation will be crap as none-en-native so you will have to edit text into the video. and that is timing and cutting intensive. So I understand not to do it, it would take too long.


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