PuBG guide to the top 100: Play at peak time!

Despite I’m not top 100 yet (best result: #105, top 0.015%), I start to publish parts of my guide. It will be a huge one anyway, so it’s better to discuss in smaller parts, then I just create a table of contents link page and edit the rest of the posts to create a coherent guide.


I’ve noticed something strange on my progress in PUBG:

Despite keep getting good in-game results, my rating didn’t grow significantly. It even decreased by 1 point after a #7 result, which is no way bad and half day ago a #9 was worth +9. A #4 gave double digits, now it gave mere 3 points. The next game after the screenshot was Saturday 13:30, #2, mere 5 points. Why?

Because Friday evening is peak time for the game and Saturday morning is not. The more players are available, the better games the matchmaker can build. It wants to put people of similar rating together, so newbies and baddies aren’t smashed and good players are challenged. But if there aren’t enough players, it can’t wait for hours, it must fill the game with players, whoever it can grab.

On Saturday morning I had to wait 2-3 minutes before the timer started and still one of the game started with only 84 players. I’m sure a bunch of 1500-1600 rated average players got into that game. Rating change is calculated based on the ratings of the enemies. If you bash a bunch of baddies, you don’t deserve and won’t get ratings. So in such games with low rated people even a good result is rewarded by a few points, while a loss is penalized by a huge loss.

Sure, if you play in peak time, you are facing better players, but their “betterness” mostly means better shooting that I have no reason to care for. I’m sure that an 1500 rated average player can kill me just as well as a 2200 rated. But I doubt if the 2200 rated is much better in positioning, he is winning over the average players with more headshots. So I have no reason to fear the 2200 rated. I have a reason to want him in the game: when he is killed by another 2K+ player, I get rating for finishing before him!

So if you want to climb to the top, play when the best ones play, so you don’t have to play against baddies who don’t give rating.


PS: of course offtime has its boons too, but it won’t compensate for the overall rating loss:

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