PUBG: Top 18% with one win?

I didn’t give much thought to game wins, as rating can be gained with any top 10 position. So doing risky stuff with the hope of #1 but often ending up #20 is worse than consistent top 10. But when I checked my stats, I’ve noticed something surprising:

I have a single win over more than a hundred games this season. Yet, I’m top 18% with this result. Besides the few players who played even more games with only one win, everyone behind me, 82% of the players has zero wins. Considering that “everyone” posts his chicken dinners, and people got wins literally AFK, one would assume that winning is easy and common.

It appears to be not the case. The reason for the discrepancy is that there are millions of players and the most active and engaged are part of the discussions about the game. They are still 100K+ players, but they aren’t representing the playerbase, rather the top 10%. And even among them only those few hundreds posts their wins who got them. Those who ended up #92 at school stay quiet.

So my single win puts me to the top 18% on this field, which is considered the important metric by the “git gud lol” morons. It’ll be interesting to see where I’ll end up after my second win. I had three #2 and two #3 in the last two days, so it’s only a matter of time to get another win. Please note that in previous seasons I didn’t even attempted to win, I went to collect medicine for a consistent top 10 position. But now I play normally if the circle is right and I’m getting better at killing players. I still have lot more positioning tricks to figure out, because I will not even try to rely on better reactions or better aim, just things I can teach.

By the way, I’m getting better at killing:

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2 thoughts on “PUBG: Top 18% with one win?”

  1. I sense slight contradiction. I felt that you were searching for strategy which didn’t require getting better at shooting but now you are searching for “more positioning tricks”. Or maybe “git gud lol” means latter instead of former?


  2. My K/D is still 0.25. I’m looking for a strategy and every advice I give will help you get higher on the toplist without getting better at killing.

    Getting better at killing also helps and it’s the only way to get to #1. These are different things. I think top 1000 is reachable without being any good at shooting, but top 100 needs some shooting skills.


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