Second best is never enough … if you failed the previous round

Bad luck and fail happens. I landed and ran to a nearby car. Less then a second before I could get in, I was killed. While I land carefully away from other players, I can’t do it always.

I finished #70 and lost so much rating that I went from #180 to #270. Ouch. But that’s not the really interesting thing. The next match was exceptionally good, I finished #2 with a kill, which obviously gave lot of rating. But not enough to get back where I was before the #70 fail. Yes, you read it right, if you are near top 100, a single fail costs more than a #2. Maybe a #1 would have compensated for it.

This explains why I get above all the 10+ kills win streamers. Two or maximum three early deaths negate the gain of that spectacular win. This game rewards consistent good performance and not random, sometimes awesome but sometimes bad one.

While this loss hurt, it was a very valuable information and will help to get to the top 100. It’s clear that avoiding loss is more important than to win. With collecting medicine, I can still survive till the 4th shrinking phase is complete. By that time, about 15 players are left. Consistent #15 is losing rating, so the old medicine collection is gone as an all-out strategy. But it’s still here as a fallback if the circle is horrible. It’s better to lose some rating for a lazy #15 than be stressed and finish #25. Hell, even finishing #12 while on the edge is worse. Medicine collection is zen.

Except when not. In one game the first circle was on Stalber. I was near Primorsk, so went there to just collect medicine. I met a player in the restaurant. How did he get there is beyond me. I found a car instantly upon landing, so I doubt he got there first. I didn’t hear car sound and the distance is too big to walk. Maybe he long-parachuted (opening early and pressing forward-backward all the time). Anyway, he was too busy looting to notice me, so he was one of my rare kills.

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