Weekend minipost: new PUBG season, obvious bots are gone!

You believed it, didn’t you, hahahaha!

On a more serious note: it’s really an obvious case of corruption that they don’t even attempt to fight the cheatmakers (hint: an intern could keep the top 100 clean manually)

Author: Gevlon

My blog: https://greedygoblinblog.wordpress.com/

5 thoughts on “Weekend minipost: new PUBG season, obvious bots are gone!”

  1. Well, you gotta sell a lot of bot programs before you get a good “ban wave and resell the game to them” metric going! Someone has to do the advertising.


  2. I think Gevlon has become very experienced in regard of finding scams or rigged games. If this botting behaviour is so obvious and the dev team is not proactively removing unfair botting because that is an unacceptable behaviour or gets only active after massive outcries in customer forums, then no person with common sense should play this game. Everyone should write a negative review on steam and point out to the flaws. Only then will other people refrain from buying that crap and good riddance for such dev teams…


  3. @Smite: “everyone” will not write anything. The problem is that PUBG is a very casual game: you log in, shoot stuff, die, no permanent damage. People purposefully use poor strategy like jumping to School/Hospital for “fun”. These players won’t quit just because they can’t compete, because they couldn’t compete anyway.


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