PUBG kill rating explored and explained

Yesterday I managed to slide from EU #900 to #2300 by a series of crashes and a bad fail. However the results provided insight how the rating system works, allowing a plan that will help me (and you) get ahead in PUBG, preferably up to the top 10. Why care about PUBG and its toplist?

This is clearly the next big thing, the WoW of 2017. My idea is PUBG is a successful implementation of “killers vs achievers”, but at this point it’s irrelevant. This is the game that “everyone” plays, if you win here, “every” gamer can relate and not dismiss it as “irrelevant result in obscure game”.

Winning in a game starts with … playing to win, so focusing on the game itself instead of what people think the game is. It doesn’t matter what “i haz chicken dinner” morons yell from #50K. What matters is what gets you ahead. And that’s understanding how the ratings work. The win rating is simple, the lower number you have by the end, the better. I’ve already covered how to do that: collect medkits outside of the blue and play in peak hours.

Now I can add how can you advance in the kill charts. I learned it in the opposite way: when I died to client crashes and stupid, I dropped hard on this list, from #30K to #120K. The question is, why was I #30K at the first place with 0.02 K/D? Because kill rating is changing only when you kill or get killed by a player. I simply had some opportunistic kills back when the season started against lost newbies and no deaths afterwards, getting into the top 5% in kills despite obviously not belonging there in the traditional sense. But the point is that the “traditional sense” can bite me.

So your rating gets better when you kill somebody (presumably someone with high rating) and gets worse when you get killed (presumably by someone with low rating). How can you game it: kill and don’t die, hahahaha.

Sorry. You can however do just that by sniping and not dying to players. If you are in a position to reliably snipe somebody without retribution, do it, even if it costs you lots of time, therefore lots of not collected medicine. Good examples are someone going into a group of buildings that you can cover. Maybe he will scavange there for 10 minutes but he’ll leave afterwards for the circle. Just take a position and wait for him. Or you can cover a bridge that people will likely take. Or the only vehicle around. It doesn’t matter if you run out of medicine and die as #30 after the kill, you can always regrind win rating by collecting medicine, while your kill rating stays up.

The other important thing is “don’t die to players”. That’s also simple: if you hear footsteps or see players moving around, take cover and aim for the entrance and stay there until he leaves, even if it means dying to the circle. Getting a kill is not as important as not getting a player death if you are already ahead of the ratings, especially in the beginning of the game. Killing a low rating nobody at #90 barely gives anything. Getting killed by him will cost an arm and leg. If you are in a situation where your win is unlikely, just blow yourself up with a grenade.

Realizing this, I will damn my low position in a game which presents a sniping opportunity and will just camp to get my kill rating up.

Update: there can be an error in the rating calculation. I started writing down all my ratings to see the changes and my kill rating is rising even in games when I do and get zero damage to/from players. I’m #96K now in kills without a single new kill since #130. The alternative is that lots of players are sinking below me by getting terrible player kill:death and simply having 0:0 puts someone into the top 10%.

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11 thoughts on “PUBG kill rating explored and explained”

  1. Most other players wont relate to your “achievement” because you managed to lose slower than most (but still lost 100% of your games) to climb an arbitrary leaderboard. All you’ll be is one amongst the other million players who never actually won a single game of PUBG.

    Getting top 10 is like losing a football game 0-1 at the 89th minute. It was close, but it’s still a loss. And as much as I recognize your strategy gets you top 10 90% of the time, it’s still a lesser achievement than just a 2% winrate.


  2. @Faguette: factually wrong. There are more people with 2% winrate than top 1000 rated, so the letter is the bigger achievement. Sorry, this is not opinionated, “more people did it” = “easier”. Hint: since the battles are rating-based (you are facing people of your own rating), getting 2% “win” is trivial:

    * purposefully die right upon landing to another players many times in a row to decrease rating

    * after your rating is around 1300, all your opponents will be bots and new players

    * kill them all

    That’s what streamers do, they just don’t stream the “lose on purpose” part


  3. You’ve asked the question but I don’t see the answer: “Why care about PUBG and its toplist?”

    What’s the advantage of being higher or lower on that toplist? What will happen if you are top10?


  4. @Tony: people do care about being winners. They just do. Look how happy the gold medalists are. And how many millions are watching them. Theoretically they are just dudes doing sports like the guy in the park, but for some reason they have audience and $M contracts.


  5. Ah OK. This part was clear for me but I thought maybe there was an actual advantage that I’ve might have missed in your posts.

    I completely get your ideas about this subject but on the other hand shouldn’t a game be played for the fun and then for some ranking that in the end doesn’t impact the actual gameplay?

    Take for example CSGO or Dota or even Eve, being top 10 in MMR in dota or most kills in Eve or some stat in CSGO doesn’t bring you anything new to the gameplay, right? I mean yes, if you want to be a pro player and looking for attention from some big team then you want a high MMR in Dota or a lot of kills in Eve to join some PvP corp.

    Do you think that your method might actually bring someone in top 100 in PUBG? Don’t you think the developers implemented some extra formulas that you might have missed? What I mean is that your way might be “too easy” while others go for the classic approach of actual playing and shooting.

    Anyway, nice posts, keep it going, I’m following you since the Eve Online era but this is the first time I’ve made a comment on your posts.


  6. @Tony: sure, there will always be lolkids who just fool around and shoot stuff, like the friglollers in EVE or the bridge fighters in WoW Arathi. They are irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.


  7. OK. Some people want to be in the popularity rankings and others will just be lolkids.

    But don’t you think the middle class that you mentioned in some other post wants just to play and have fun and hopefully get better over time?

    There’s nothing wrong with your method or the cause for which is used but do you think those are the majority of the players? And what if the developers change the algorithm?

    I haven’t started PUBG but if I will then it would be for the gameplay and fun. If I’m in the topXYZ then fine of not still fine.


  8. @Gevlon for some better data, you could ask for other PUBG players to report their stats and ranking changes from game to game, or make another account, although the second one would cost money.


  9. @Gevlon: Chopping my own dick and getting my face on the front page of the newspaper is a lot harder than climbing PUBG’s ladder, and a lot less people will achieve it, I still wouldnt be a winner for doing it.

    The ladder of a game where there is one winner for 90-99 losers (depending on how much the lobby is filled) is both irrelevant and mostly a token on your time investment. It becomes noticeable only once you enter the top 10, and, as you can check on the current leaderboard, the lowest winrate of the top 10 win in EU is 9% for FP, 11% for TP. The 9% player uses, on average, 2.5 heals and 2.5 boosts per game, and gets 1.5 kills. He definitely plays safely, and avoids fighting, but is all but tanking the zone to get #8 and die once he runs out of kit.

    Dont get me wrong, i tried your strategy, and it “works”. You get top 10. But you still lose 100% of your games. It’s the “running L4 in highsec” of PUBG, a safe, unchallenging, and utterly inefficient way to play a game and ends up outrunned by people who actually go for the win. I tried it, but i’d rather try to be a winner rather than the last loser.


  10. @Faquette: The game has toplist implemented for a reason. If you don’t like it, don’t play PUBG. Sure, you can make up your own win condition, like “most mounts” in WoW, but you aren’t playing the game, you are just fooling around in the client.

    By the way the “running L4 in highsec” is definitely more “winning” EVE than winning Frig 1v1 where the kill report is less than a mission LP reward.

    However your attitude explains why PUBG sells like candy. Assuming you are fighting hard enough, your rating will tank to the point where you’ll be facing bad enough players for “OMG Chicken dinner” and feel victorious, honestly believing that you are better than those in the top 0.1% of the official toplist.


  11. You’re still overestimating the relevance of the PUBG leaderboard. The win condition is not the leaderboard, it’s being the last one alive at the end of the match, just like, say, Street Fighter. You’re the one collecting the most mounts, because the leaderboard is not the game, it is supplemental to the game. Just like mounts, only less useful.

    When does it tell you in EVE, “Remember, if you want to win the game, get right to work only on maximizing any and all numbers on your killboard!” At the end of the tutorial, right? This is why, in real life, soccer is played only by capsuleers in supercapital ships. They still can’t use their hands, though. Holdover from an earlier version, I think.

    I don’t know to what extent people truly value their PUBG leaderboard ranking, but assuming they care enough about it to even look, the success of your project would eliminate what little value it does have.


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