My name is still there in New Eden

I read the post of Wilhelm about the ex-CO2 keepstar. It was sold to TEST who are absorbing ex-CO2 corps. One of his screenshots grabbed my eye:

Stations and citadels have names. I remembered that back when Goons were evicted, Mordus Angels, the alliance I supported and finally gave my remaining belongings (900B) at the end, named a station after me: “Outpost – D7T-C0 II – His name was Gevlon Goblin”. I checked the MoA stations and it’s still there. Actually, it’s not just there. The station was built by the Goon minion TNT (the alliance where Wilhelm serves his masters) and was lost during the war. First the Goons could reclaim after it went neutral, but then they lost it to MoA and it got the name. But then MoA lost it some time this year, reclaimed it and renamed it back.

What’s good in having a station named after me? Well, at first the warm feeling that Syncaine does not have such thing despite serving the Goons without question. But more importantly it’s a reminder of the sandbox capability of EVE, how unique it was meant to be. Things in the universe are there for everyone, there is no phasing, instancing or servers. Things are there because players put them there and other players failed to destroy them. They can be customized by their owners.

I’ll never have a game like that. I know that it’s a lie, a mere facade front of the real EVE where monetizers and devs decide every step of the game (like the current event, by simply banning Gigx who was supposed to lose). But still, while I believed that players shape EVE, it was great. Fighting the 40K coalition was epic. Killing trillions worth of their ships was hilarious. Evicting their POCOs from highsec was one of my peak gaming events. Sure, if I knew about Falcon in advance, I wouldn’t touch the game. I know that these memories are just as fake as drug trip hallucinations. I didn’t evict their POCOs, somewhere on some chat channel they decided that losing them one by one is an embarrassment to Goons, defending them would be an unfun chore making players not log in, while banning me would lose content, so the Goons were told to just drop them. But still, it makes me smile, despite I know it’s fake.

There is a fake station that I “earned” when CCP decided that “Casino” RMT is better for them than failed book deals and thrown Goons to the Cormorants. It’s a participation trophy, given by those who played with me. It shouldn’t have any value, but somehow it still has.

Thanks Gen Eve!


Political PS: breaking news banner over an older story on is just perfect:

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