PUBG crashes kill me

Literally. While the game was always prone to crash, I now face something new: client closes, “serialization error” window pops up informing that my local data is corrupt. Of course data verification shows no errors. My guess is that the server sends corrupt data because restart attempts give the same error message, while games that crash other ways can be reconnected. Oh, and this error usually appears when the game starts, so it guarantees a #90+ position. A single one of these can take out the rating gains of two hours of good performance.

Until this error is fixed, I see no point in trying to increase my rating, which means abandoning attempts until next reset. I understand that PUBG is “early access” but it should mean “some features are missing” instead of “unplayable”.

However I can use this season to practice some killing. During the 45 games I played, I’ve encountered 4 other players and won only once. One of the deaths was not PvP skill related (I had no weapon) but the other was and the third was outright lame. I won’t play much time this season but PvP oriented games are fast.

I wouldn’t recommend this kind of play and wouldn’t do it if I could just play normally, but crashes deny that. The alternative of going lolPvP-moron for September would be either insane amount of grinding (every crash means another 2 hours just to get back) or completely abandoning PUBG. I don’t want that because the game concept is great and PUBG is the most successful game on Steam, ergo any project on it is relevant.

If you happen to know some trick to deal with this bug, feel free to comment. Maybe it’s related to some hardware. If you know some short term game worthy of attention, comment too.

Update: I already did some games and the initial results are “hopeless”. There is simply so big skill difference in shooting that I can’t hope to ever bridge. I need to focus on positioning + surprise shooting and covering fire + retreat. If we actually exchanging bullets, I’m dead.

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9 thoughts on “PUBG crashes kill me”

  1. There’s still Warframe out there to jump into, with a first attempt of an open world’ish update coming this year. It’s mostly 4player coop vs environment, but there are also PvP maps if you prefer that. Otherwise there’s lots of rankings, mostly clan related during “events”, so you could prove that a no bullshitting clan performs better than social clans.

    Regarding PUBG, I have almost never game crashes, I’d say 1%, so I assume it is a problem related to your installation/system. Did you try a fresh game download?


  2. So I haven’t experienced many crashes, but I keep hearing that the game has some serious memory leak problems. Which is the sort of thing that will cause crashes eventually. The proposed workaround is to restart the game entirely between each match. This may help your situation


  3. @Nikonorsk: I will try that, but due to the crashes and the PvP attempts, my rating is down to 1700 which is a long march to 2300 for two weaks BEFORE I can even start pushing for the toplist.


  4. @Maxim: according to PUBG videos, the winning strategy is when you see an enemy who isn’t right front of you is aiming a headshot with a scoped sniper rifle or high power assault rifle. That needs hand-eye coordination and fast reflexes, things that I do not expect to reach at necessary level. I will plan my encounters around the fact that if we are both seeing each other and shooting, I’ve lost.

    PUBG is unique FPS because hits doesn’t bounce you. I mean you aim, lose 90% of your HP to incoming shots and your aim isn’t disturbed a bit.

    The ways I can win:
    – surprise shot: shooting the enemy without him seeing me. This needs positioning.
    – close range shot: shooting enough bullets into his center of mass to kill him before he performs the animation of zooming, moves his mouse to aim to my head. For this strategy SK12 and AK are the best weapons.


  5. During this kind of close range encounter within buildings the UMP and Vector are doing pretty well. Just rush the enemy while he’s reloading or trying to reposition himself.


  6. The shotgun with two barrels is really good. You can fire both shots very quickly to kill them almost immediately.


  7. I like to play one round of Squad First Person as a warm-up before playing solo 3rd. Pick-up squads will usually play in dumb ways (wanting to land in popular spots, running towards gunfire, etc.), but it is kind of like training for boxing with heavier gloves. You go from limited vision and coordinated gunfire against you to wide open vision and one-on-one fights.


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