Arthasdklol and affirmative action

I wrote how anti-meritocratic Affirmative Action is. For me, showing that the same mediocre results give 7x chance to a black than a white to get admitted was more than enough to condemn this system. However it’s not.

One can argue that it’s a form of welfare, giving University education to people who don’t deserve it to help them. (welfare by definition goes to undeserving people). While I can keep argue against welfare, I have no particular reason to hate AA more than food stamps or Medicare (whatever names they have in different countries).

My point today is that giving someone affirmative action university education is worse than giving someone cash of the same value. Why? To understand we must go back to the pure source of anti-welfare: Arthasdklol. He is the stereotypical bad WoW player who got “affirmative actioned” into dungeon groups and raids. We all remember him. And mostly not for him being useless.

The thing about Arthasdklol isn’t that he has low DPS. It’s that he makes awful lot of trouble. He gogogogogo, he blames the healer for being instakilled in bad, he makes loot drama, he spams the chat. Arthasdklol – regardless of his gaming score – is annoying as hell. However thousands of encounters prove that while gaming score and annoying behavior are unconnected, they are correlated. Somehow always Arthasdklol makes the loot drama and not the damage #2. Somehow always Arthasdklol spams the chat with anal jokes and not the main tank. Somehow it’s always Arthasdklol.

Why? At first because low scores are usually results of being dumb and lazy and these human “values” cause disruptive behavior. Secondly, because he cannot gain respect and acceptance by his non-existent meritocratic contribution, he tries to make it up by being social: jokes, friendly statements and other stuff meant to be positive, but actually unwanted fraternization. You want to to raid, not anal jokes. Thirdly, he wants to avoid the low status of “carried n00b” and blames others for things he is responsible for.

Does this remind anyone to student protestors? Students who lock down campuses because of a banana peel, poop-swastika or just because. We had them chanting slogans in classrooms and libraries in a weird real life version of raid chat spamming.

Don’t get me wrong, they don’t behave horribly because they are black. Sure, their way of misbehavior is rooted in Black culture, but the reason for misbehavior is dumbness, laziness and the will to get social status without earning it. If someone would affirmative action Southern whites into universities instead of blacks, soon you’d have the KKK marching on campus, first as an edgy joke, secondly as an identity- and “we belong somewhere” forming experience, third time because they brainwashed themselves into believing the crap they chanted the first and second time.

Morons and slackers don’t belong to performers because of their disruptive behavior. If you wouldn’t raid with Arthasdklol in a video game, you shouldn’t go to college with him in real life. They belong to daily questsing and menial labor jobs.


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14 thoughts on “Arthasdklol and affirmative action”

  1. But your previous post didn’t show that affirmative action causes more slackers to get into university. You said it yourself that non-slackers get in regardless of race. So it just makes the racial composition of slackers different. You get more blacks with mediocre scores instead of whites with mediocre scores.

    So it won’t save you from being treated by a doctor with average grades, but will increase the chance of that doctor not being white. And if idiots are allowed to get into medical school, then it’s not AA’s fault but a symptom of lack of good candidates.

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  2. Because it’s obvious. You can only do Affirmative Action if you hire lower score blacks instead of higher score whites to a particular university. In the big average picture it appears as different %. You can already see that higher score people have no 100% admittance, so there is always room to hire them instead of lower score.


  3. The “deserving” bit is the one i question.
    How do you determine who is “deserving”? Actually, the real question is not – “how” do you determine. I am sure there is always one way or another to separate those you find unsavory from those you are comfortable with. More importantly: why should anyone at all trust you to determine who is “deserving” without becoming corrupt and giving the “deserving” status to your friends only.

    Note how meritocracy doesn’t even enter this consideration. I literally don’t care how meritocratic is the person who originally splits people into deserving and undeserving. His followers will inevitably become corrupt as they reap all the benefits of the new caste system.

    I am not an advocate for equity for all things. However, equity in some things is absolutely fundamental in providing equal opportunities for everyone. Education is one of those things. If you feel that you are better than entire groups of people, then you are welcome to feel whatever the hell you want. It is not your place to restrict their opportunities, reagardless of whether they choose to waste them or not.

    Everything should have free education up to high school level, at least.


  4. Just to be clear, i’m against giving any subset of people an easier time at entering the univercities etc just because they happen to be of an underrepresented demographic.
    However, what you wrote seems to imply that you are against even giving them a chance.


  5. @Maxim: the selection process itself should be meritocratic, not the selector. A blind test is such thing.

    No, I don’t want to give a chance to someone who failed a blind test, because Arthasdklol proved thousand times that he is bad.


  6. A “blind test” demonstrates one thing: one’s ability pass a blind test. In regards to MCAT specifically, it has zero predicative power in terms of determining who passes the Board. You can assume that someone who fails the MCAT would also fail the Board, but that’s an assumption based on feelings at this point.

    You are holding meritocracy up as some shining beacon that can solve anything, while conveniently ignoring the fact that A) people choose how merit is defined, and B) not correcting bias before implementation just codifies injustice. For example, in the last post, I provided a study which demonstrated that patient satisfaction was greater when the doctor and patient were of the same race. You stated that was equivalent to “snake oil.” Patient satisfaction having no value is a completely arbitrary decision by you, and indicative of the sort of hidden social/political decisions that still underpin “meritocracy” worldviews. That decision then makes it less likely that non-Asian minorities get the chance to prove themselves in medical school, which means less non-Asian minority individuals get higher-paying jobs, which means less non-Asian minority kids get to go to better schools, which means less non-Asian minority kids are likely to pass a “blind test” that doesn’t even predict anything, repeat ad infinitum.

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  7. @Azuriel: you are being offtopic, repeating your comments for Friday’s post. Anything against today’s post (that AA lets Arthasdklol level people in the college who then make a mess and sabotage the studies of other students)

    To make some of your comments on-topic: MCAT, GPA and SAT are not NEEDED to correlate with Board.
    College admission tests aren’t MEANT to test your ability to perform as a doctor. After all the purpose of the medical school is to make you able to do that.
    College admission tests are meant to test your ability to perform as a COLLEGE STUDENT. You know: to listen to your professor instead of yelling “No Trump, No KKK, No fascist USA” into his face, to be on class on time instead of getting high and lost. To turn in your papers instead of chanting front of the dorm.

    Similarly as that +0.05% intellect from an enchant didn’t make or break a raid. Gear checks are made to filter out people who don’t have the proper attitude to raid at all.


  8. @Gevlon
    >Anything against today’s post (that AA lets Arthasdklol level people in the college who then make a mess and sabotage the studies of other students)

    You haven’t really proven this point; you’ve only asserted that it might happen. You haven’t provided test scores or disciplinary information regarding any of the students involved in these protests. You’ve posted three stories which involve minority students or minority interests. You’re relying on the reader’s assumption that those students were admitted for AA reasons — and the additional assumption that they’re *unqualified* students who are just trying to spark drama.

    The UMiss example is incomplete. Your source makes it sound as if the black students are being hysterically over-sensitive (because it’s just a banana peel in a tree!). But the story omits a similar incident a few months earlier involving the same sorority, in which bananas were hung by nooses at American University. In light of the former incident, it’s much easier to understand *why* the students at UMiss would be hurt and offended.

    The people who hung the bananas at AU might potentially serve as examples of your Arthasdklol idea. They not only wasted everyone’s time by setting up an offensive public display, but they also included an internet meme (lol Harambe) while doing so. But if you want to insist that affirmative action leads to disruptive behavior, then you ought to present some evidence.


  9. @edwardqjones: while I can’t prove that the exact students who were unqualified made the mess, it’s very likely.
    GPA and MCAT doesn’t need brains, just memory. Only creative performance needs actual IQ. So someone who just studied hard in high school (and not retarded or disabled) should be able to pass them. Those who perform bad at high school are usually are so because of contempt of school and behavioral issues. Guess what, those who are trouble in high school are trouble later too.

    Also, it’s obvious that if there were less minority students on campus for ANY reason, they would be less capable of making drama over minority issues. Since the biggest threat nowadays to college peace is minority-related riots, maybe it’s not the best idea to go out of your way getting minority students.

    No, the UMiss is not incomplete. I don’t care even if actual KKK placed the banana peel and made a selfie with it.
    A protest is warranted if:
    * bad thing happen (let’s say racist bananas are bad)
    * guys in power endorse it or at least refuse to help
    * with protests we can convince them to stop endorsing and start helping

    Did the Univ any way endorsed the racist bananas? Could the Univ do anything about random people placing bananas? What could the protests reasonably achieve?!

    If one is offended and hurt and reacts in a way that is disruptive for people who are no way responsible for your hurt, you are a problem. I don’t care how Joe is offended about ANYTHING. He should handle his shit and must not trouble me with it. If he can’t, he is trouble and should be handled. I believe that Arthasdklol is genuinely offended and hurt by Legolllasshunta telling him “i anal [eviscerate] u n00b olololol”. But if his reaction is not blocking Legolllasshunta but holding up the whole raid with a tantrum and then pulling the boss when told to cut it, he does not belong to the raid.

    Similarly, if your reaction to a racist banana is sabotating MY studies, than you are trouble to me and don’t belong. Guess what, the prospective Mizzuo (the poop swastika place) students agreed and enrollment dropped badly.


  10. Well said gevlon. It is equally the problem of the people perpetuating the racism as it is the people responding to it if either group is affecting innocent third parties. We too often forget to reign in the people who get offended and pander to their every whim.


  11. @Gevlon
    >if your reaction to a racist banana is sabotating MY studies

    You’re confusing multiple stories here. The UMiss example didn’t involve campus-wide protests. The AKA members got offended while attending an extracurricular event. They complained to the other participants at that event. The other participants were unsympathetic (because the guy explained that he was just littering, and he apologized, and everyone else just wanted to return to the normal agenda) but eventually agreed to discuss the topic for one day. The AKA members weren’t happy and so they walked out, and the event was cancelled.

    This wasn’t an academic activity. It was a meeting of sorority and fraternity officers. It occured at a remote campsite, run by a Christian ministry (i.e. hiking and canoeing and Bible study). There was only one member of university staff present to act as chaperone. Most students probably didn’t even know that it was happening; fewer than half of them even belong to a fraternity.

    >Also, it’s obvious that if there were less minority students on campus for ANY reason, they would be less capable of making drama over minority issues.

    That may be true, but it’s not a very inclusive idea. If everyone accepted this logic then it would lead to two possibilities:
    -minority students are generally unwelcome at universities and have difficulty obtaining an education
    -minority students must congregate at special minority-focused schools while the white kids attend regular schools

    The United States has gone through this whole affair already, and SCOTUS decided that segregation (“separate but equal”) is *not* an acceptable solution.

    But I think that we’re just looping back into the earlier conversation. You can argue about whether or not AA is a good idea, but you cannot currently reject it (or expect admissions officers to reject it) because it’s the law of the land. If you want to see changes then you need to present legal arguments rather than videogame analogies.


  12. I want to comment on foodstamps. This is one of the most interesting “welfare” programs in the US. It has a very odd backlash effect. The idea is the government is taking $1 from me and giving $1 to someone else to buy food with (yes we all know the math is faulty). The idea is for the poor person to eat. But here is where the theft turns into gain for me. So the hard numbers every dollar spent on foodstamps (including administration of the project this is the total federal and state chip in) Generates $1.83 in economic growth. almost every Federal program is in the negative example money spent on whale mating rituals goes something like this $1 spent $.002 in economic impact a huge bad. Back to 1.83 where is the growth? where is the value? 1: it gurantees farmers profit making farming profitable and competitive winner? everyone 2: because of competition the need to diversify is required and so consumers have more choices at lower price points. More farm goods (because food stamps gurantee a demand) more trucks, more drivers, more companies, more grocery stores, more selection, lower cost.
    Oddly enough there is only one federal program that has higher economic drivers: Unemployment benefits.


  13. @edwardqjones: the event being optional is irrelevant detail. There was SOMETHING that the students considered valuable (evidenced by them attending) and troublemakers made it impossible. If the same horrible fascist banana would have appeared on campus, do you think they wouldn’t make a mess?

    I never said to not welcome minority students. I suggested that they shouldn’t be let in if they are unable to pass the same tests as everyone. My assumption is that qualified minority students are similar to the qualified majority students and unqualified, AA-d students make the mess. It is likely true from the fact that after the Missuo poop riots enrollment dropped in all races, meaning (qualified) students of all races want to avoid a univ where “protestor” mess is tolerated.

    The law of the land can be changed by convincing people. If I could convince you (I won’t, but I have thousands of readers who don’t comment just read), that would be one more Trump (read populist Republican) voter, increasing the chance of his reelection, replacement of D and Swamp-R congressmen in 2018 and more Gorsuch-like SCOTUS members.

    @Provi Miner: of course, because it creates an artificial competition to the businesses, forcing them to give higher wages -> forcing them to change into higher added value production instead of sweatshops.

    But it WAS true in the 90-es and no longer true, because the business owners just laugh and hire an illegal for $5/hour.


  14. @Gevlon

    How do you prevent more arthasdklol types from being legitimized in a setting where welfare occurs at every step and turn?

    Food stamps – arthasdklol can sit at home, eat and play video games badly and negatively affect those around him without working or being a productive member of the “real, non-virtual society” he is a part of, all while consuming said “foodstamp” monies on candy bars, potato chips and energy drinks.

    Information welfare – Does arthasdklol have the capacity to learn? Does he get “free” information on how to improve his dps from sites such as icyveins while taking no responsibility in doing any type of self-improvement on his own? Are arthasdklol types really hardwired to always take the path of least resistance when it comes to their own existence? Does it really matter which college arthasdklol gets admitted to when they can attend most colleges for free by getting student loans that they never plan on paying back? Or getting admissions or free tuition because they are of a certain ethnicity?

    Who is paying for arthasdklol’s housing/rent? His utilities and internet connection? His computer?

    Basically, what kind of system allows arthasdklol to exist in the first place? Your world view on MS/arthasdklol types seems very introverted in that regard, in that you only care about how they affect you in game, or in real life from a very shallow, myopic viewpoint.


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