Oh how I hate the season-start grind of PUBG

PUBG regularly clears its ranking info and pushes everyone back to 1200 rating. You can climb back by performing well. This is a minor inconvenience for those who get into the top 100 by killing. When facing random opponents, these guys rack up 10+ kills and top 3 positions and by doing so make huge jumps on ratings.

Since my strategy is staying in the blue and outhealing damage, I end up with no kills and #5-#15 positions, regardless of the strength of my opponents. So I get around 20-25 rating per game. Which is then cut down by crashes. The game still crashes a lot (I know, early access), and it’s compensated by the ability to reconnect and continue. If you are hiding inside the circle, you have a good chance to be alive when you come back. If you are outside popping meds, it’s less likely.

So I keep climbing, but my average rating gain is around 15 per game. Considering half an hour for a game, getting from 1200 to 2300 takes 37 hours. Ouch.

Probably next season I’ll play aggressively, going for the circle and kills until 1700, saving some time. Also, I hope disconnects will diminish. And seasons get longer. And Santa brings me a pony.

Anyway, I’m getting better and better in insertion and avoiding hostiles. Out of 27 games I only got 2 PvP deaths and one of them was because of DC.

I’m not sure why PUBG clears ratings so often or at all. I don’t see the upside. For the high rated it’s a grind, for the low rated it’s being massacred until the high rated move out of their range. If the problem is player rotation (new players come fast and old ones leave fast too), then they could just delete the ranking of players who haven’t logged in for some time and push them back by 100-500 depending on time spent offline if they come back.

Political PS: I’m getting better in this “reddit shitposting” thing. It’s basically a race to get maximum upvotes for being funny. This one did pretty well.


Author: Gevlon

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7 thoughts on “Oh how I hate the season-start grind of PUBG”

  1. Have you considered that they do frequent resets to reward the high rated kill-players with occasional bursts of murdering newbies, and to punish the hide and eat medkits players by making you grind for 37 hours to get back to your old ranking? I mean, honestly, it seems like the kind of theory you would normally have posted yourself right before rage-quitting the game and making a “do not play this game” page.


  2. You said it yourself. They are in early access so they are changing their systems. If this update involved a change in the data structure, I can tell you from personal experience that it is a lot easier to just reset than to have to try to migrate the data to the new structure.


  3. @Mike: unlikely. Why would any sane developer allow hardcore players (who proved their dedication by climing to the top) to massacre newbies. I am annoyed by these resets. A newbie who plays his first games after a reset will likely uninstall.


  4. Was hoping to see you go for kills this month, but I am still hoping your meds strat pulls some attention (to get it nerfed, as I dislike the idea of ‘playing from the blue’). I highly doubt new players care at all about the resets, or even notice it for that matter.

    This game type excels at obfuscating the skill levels of players, a 1200 rated player can blast a newbie with an sk12 just as fast as a 2400 player, but it takes experience a newbie can’t possibly have to notice the difference.


  5. Maybe it is time for some grinding on the the_Donald?
    You should climb to the top posters and write about that. Ask for a leaderboard first (should be easy to make) and then make it to top 10 =)


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