Peak hours and off-hours in PUBG while picking medicine

Sorry, corrupt devs have to wait another day, this is more important, because it’s directly game-related and totally anti-intuitive.

So, you decided to climb among the top players of the fastest growing game PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds. You probably know by now that fighting in the circle is about as effective as fighting on the Arathi Basin bridge. The winning strategy is to stay away from everyone and collect medicine to outheal the blue circle until you get to #10-5 and only kill those who threaten your loot.

However we must address the off-hours vs peak hours meta. It’s well known that if you want to climb some rating system, the best way is to play off-hours, because it decreases the chance of facing opponents who can defeat you. The matchmaker will place you against lesser players allowing you to constantly win. While the individual gains are small as their rating is way below you, you will slowly grind rating.

This is true in PUBG too, for those who want to be kings of the circle. But we don’t! We aren’t aiming for the #1 spot, we are aiming for consequent top 10 posts. In PUBG there isn’t just a winner and a loser, there are 100 different positions, each being evaluated according to his own rating compared to the rating of others. With simple example, if everyone is 1200 rated and you are 2200, probably you’ll lose rating if you finish anywhere but #1. If you are 1200 rated and everyone else is 2200, you’ll probably gain a little rating for a #30 position. Ergo, it’s your interest to avoid underrated matches.

The game tries to set up matches with people around your rating. If you are at 1500, that’s easy, there are plenty of players between 1450 and 1550. If you are in the top 1%, it’s not that easy to create a game. Since an average round takes 25 mins and you don’t want more than 5 minutes waiting time, 5/6 of the online players are unavailable due to being in a match. So the game has to increase the range. For example you are 2300 rated, it seeks players between 2000 and 2600, which seems symmetric, but it’s not, since there are much more players between 2000-2300 than 2300-2600, ergo your competition will be skewed down. The less players available, the worse it will be.

As a result, at off-hours you’ll be playing against lower rated players, so reaching #5-10 will grant little if any rating. On the other hand being unlucky and dying right after landing because another guy reaches your car faster and hit you will create a huge rating loss. At peak hours the amount of higher rated players is higher, increasing your rating gain for #5-10 positions and lessening your loss for unlucky insertion. The players being more deadly is irrelevant since they are deadly in the circle.

Political PS: liberal journalists seem to be so overcome with hate and paranoia that they lost every bit of logic. “Hey, let’s attack a completely apolitical person who is also the biggest star on the planet and infamous for being pitifully vindictive, what can possibly go wrong?!” (While The Washington Compost is more careful, I doubt if it’ll be enough to avoid her wrath)

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