Weekend minipost: you can’t make this up

A literal (former) CIA operative is running a gofundme campaign to buy twitter and censor the President.

Since they collected 0.005% of the needed money, it’s unlikely to succeed, but still. They aren’t even bothering to cover what they’re doing! Run from the Goolag while you still have your data!

PS: Monday post will be about PUBG and Tuesday is about captured corrupt game devs, I will cut down politics, I know that’s not why you’re here, but when I’m seeing what I’ve heard from my grandparents about the rise of the communist dictatorship, at least I speak up. But I’ll keep a healthy balance!

Author: Gevlon

My blog: https://greedygoblinblog.wordpress.com/

One thought on “Weekend minipost: you can’t make this up”

  1. If anyone in US government was concerned they would be expanding Title II to cover social media instead of stripping it from monopoly ISPs.
    The US as a whole hate regulation bodies because they see them as anti-capitalist and the rich business classes are very good at lobbying to protect their power.


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